FLEX SHAFT + CANDLEDuring the occupation of technical creativity in the home workshop, where a power drill with various bits are often the main instrument, can be very helpful homemade device with a flexible shaft. Especially in cases when you need urgent and high quality execution of drilling, grinding or grinding operations in confined spaces.

To make this arrangement everyone can, with a cable speedometer drive (for example, from motorized FDD), the spark plug SD-48БСМ, two ball bearing 1000095, 4-mm steel rod, 26 mm cut copper or brass tube 6×1 and a couple of caps from standard electrical connectors with thread M 18×1,5.
Schisms ceramic insulator with a hammer and remove it from the housing of the candles together with the Central electrode. And the case used as the basis for the most critical parts of an improvised flexible shaft — head.
Further the rod from the rod with a diameter of 4 mm with a tool socket M3 and two slightly work-hardened seats napresovuyut ball bearings. With solder П0С-70 and appropriate flux to the solder terminal is deformed at one end into a square splice sleeve. The resulting Assembly together with remote bushings placed inside the housing candle. Then pristykovyvayas the cord — core of flexible shaft, screwed cover and connect the device to the motor shaft (drills). All, it is ready to work.
Tool from the flexible shaft and candles
The tool of the flexible shaft and candles:
1 — the Bush connection (copper or brass tube 6×1); 2— rod (steel rod Ø4); 3 — head (casing of the spark plug); 4-1000095 ball bearing (2 PCs); 5 — hub remote (2 pieces); 6 — cover; 7 — shaft flexible; 8 — flange flexible shaft.

For convenience, you can equip the actuator with a removable clamp to free his arms.
And another tip. As practice shows, with intensive use of the fixture should be under the braid of the flexible shaft periodically to drip engine oil.

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