GREENHOUSE-AUTOMATICThe “greenhouse effect” can work for good — with a lack of heat in the spring or cold summer days, and evil — when the bright summer sun brings the temperature in the greenhouse to levels that even heat-loving tomatoes and cucumbers do not stand up and die. This does not happen, when at any moment you can lift the transom and reduce thereby the temperature in the greenhouse. Well, what about those owners of the garden plots, which come to the country at best once a week?

Offer gardeners a simple, environmentally friendly device for self-regulation of temperature in the greenhouse. From the known similar devices, it differs in that it does not require an external source of energy (except, of course, the sun), and a working body in it is normal air.
Automatic temperature controller consists of a pie cover made of thin duralumin, rotary valve, inspection plates and push link. The Executive element of the device resulting in movement of the sash transom is the camera from standard football, which is connected by hose expansion tank with a volume of approximately 30 liters.
A device for automatic temperature control in the greenhouse.
Device for automatic temperature control in the greenhouse:
1 — body, 2 — valve, 3 — inspection cover, 4 — coupling, 5 — follower 6 — support plate transom, 7 — a branch pipe of a tank, 8 — joint, 9 — expansion tank 10 to the transom 11 — camera machine drive, 12 — pipeline. Letters represent: a — the transom is open, b — closed transom.
This device works in the following way. When the temperature in the greenhouse exceeds 25°C is heated and the air in the expansion tank, and consequently increases in volume. The surplus of air fills a football Cam — actuator device. Camera if you increase its diameter rotates the valve, and that through the pushing link lifts the sash transoms.
By reducing greenhouse temperatures below 25°With air in expansion tank cools, its volume decreases, reduced in size and rubber soccer camera. The transoms fold under its own weight closes.
Device for regulation of temperature in the greenhouse is working in my garden for about five years and requires virtually no maintenance or adjustments during the summer. By the way, it can be installed in the greenhouse, both vertically and inclined.

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