GRINDING THE SEEDS? PLEASE!Becoming a farmer, I was faced with the necessity of grinding of beet seeds and alfalfa. Asked how to cope with this problem experienced large farms, and that is, on the image made a more modest car with no clever twists and great performance. At least the needs of my farm, it satisfies completely. And it works flawlessly.

Grinder seed has a three-tiered welded frame of steel angle 45×45 mm. On it are mounted three-phase motor (1.1 kW, 220 V, 1400 rpm) with the intermediate hall and two-stage i = 4, i = 5) V-belt transmission of rotation to the shaft of the agitator and grinding chamber with a loading hopper and unloading chute, the upper and lower wooden slatted deck, the frame-borders.

Housing grinding chamber equipped with a removable working bodies (rods with a length of 140 mm). Three similar studs (but only with a length of 190 mm) mounted on a shaft, the agitator having in the lower part of the weld screw (one turn) to discharge buffed seeds through the tray into the container of the finished product.

Pulleys V-belt transmission is selected in such a way that the speed of rotation of the working shaft does not exceed the optimum, which for cars of this kind is 70 rpm In the original diameters of the pulleys are respectively for the first stage 80 and 320, and for the second 80 and 400 mm.

In the manufacture of the shaft of the tedder and the transitional shaft without a lathe can not do. Because the shafts on the ends of the seat for radialogy bearings are dust and water protected version (in a pinch, you can use regular radial ball bearings 206, but in the housings with seals made of leather). Although it is possible that suitable shafts can be found among the old and obsolete machinery.

Weld screw homemade. The technology of manufacturing of such parts from sibabrata pieces have already stated repeatedly on the pages of the journal (see, for example, “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 3 and 4 for 1992).


Housing grinding chamber is 1030 mm cut steel seamless hot-rolled pipes with a diameter of 351 with a wall thickness of 8 mm. To 230 mm from the bottom of its surface held chalk helix with a pitch of 240 mm for marking and subsequent drilling of holes M12 for nine equidistant (deployed by 120° relative to each other) 140-mm studs — working bodies.


Grinder seed beets and alfalfa

Grinder seed beets and alfalfa:

1 — motor (1.1 kW, 220 V, 1400 rpm); 2,4 — first (i = 4) and second (i = 5) stage cloramine transmission; 3 — intermediate shaft; 5,14 — bearing units shaft-tedder; 6 — the bottom of the grinding chamber; 7 — unloading tray with catch; 8 — shaft with agitator unloading auger; 9— housing grinding chamber; 10— stationary operating element (stud M12, L140, 9 PCs) 11 — bolt M10 (3 pieces); 12 — cover; 13— an arm; 15— a charging hopper; 16 — movable working body (stud M12, L190, 3). 17,20— wooden slatted decks; 18— a frame-frame; 19 — three-tier frame, 21 — bottom bracket (5 PCs)

In the lower part of the housing of the grinding chamber slotted window size 180×180 mm under the unloading tray, and the top — opposite his window, with a side of 120 mm for the raw material supplied from the hopper. Provides repair and technological door size 300×150 mm on the distance of 340 mm from the bottom of the grinding chamber.

A hopper is a funnel welded to the hole for loading raw material. It is made of 1.5 mm steel sheet. The upper edge of the hopper welded to the frame-the frame from steel angle.


Upper and lower decks recruited from larch (but can be pine) timber cross-section 40×40 mm.

Everything else is not difficult. Besides, hardly anyone from the homebrew will blindly copy the design, because everyone has their own capabilities.

A. TYMOSHENKO, Crimea region, Ukraine

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