JUICE - JACKOffers another use of the Jack for household needs. More specifically, to processing of berries and fruit juice. And the Jack is used here as the fundamental principle of the press. Still need a welded structure of steel channel (or contracted heavy-duty steel brackets and studs log frame), which is put vertically and secured as shown in the figure.

The lower bar of the frame to place a special tray. However, the fit and the big basin. It set a pot or jar with drilled at the edges of holes with a diameter of 2-3 mm. Hole and you can punch, then carefully cleaning the edges with a file. In that pot (jar) poured berries or pureed fruit. Then insert the piston (from a block of wood of the larch) with steel or cast iron circle.
Block of wood-the piston should be above 1/3 of the pan.
On it-then install the Jack so that the head is the last rested on the top bar of the frame. When pumping the Jack pushes (with a force of several tons) the piston is in the pan. The pressed juice goes into the pan, where the hose is pumped into the receiving vessel, which is usually a bucket.
Jack in the role of extractor
The Jack in the role of juicer:
1 — frame, 2 — Jack 3 — the piston of wood, 4 — vessel filter, 5 — pan, 6 — hose 7 — bucket 8 — stand.

Pay attention to the picture. To juice flowed easily from the pan, you must either press to raise himself above the level of the receiving vessel, or the last to drop below the frame.
And in manufacturing, and in the work of the press-Jack is simple and reliable. In addition to juice it and pressing the curd. All details press contact with the product, after work, scald with boiling water and wipe dry.

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