A simple and reliable option of remaking domestic glow Microdrive CSTOM OF 2.5 in compression was developed by the instructor of the Palace of pioneers in Chelyabinsk I. Yarov. After some adjustments, the motor is subject to even novice modelers. A particularly nice diesel for performances in the class of “air combat”.
So much has changed. Instead of the regular cylinder head utilizes a new, easily removable. This allows you to change pads when selecting the volume of the combustion chamber, go to the head of GSK in the glow version. The transfer itself to another type of fuel in a matter of minutes — enough to remove the shirt and set to a particular insert.
Regular ribbing of the shirt of the cylinder is removed. In its place, tapped М21Х0,75 or М21Х0,6. When this operation is applied the mandrel, ensuring the alignment socket of the cylinder and protectively surface. Received seat’re in for a new shirt. Its material is aluminum alloy of type AK-4, or D1 D16T.
For the convenience of working with a removable jacket useful to produce the key, the spikes of which enter sockets in its upper end. At the other end of the plate key sawn groove under the hexagon of the glow plug housing.
Finalization of the Microdrive CSTOM of 2.5 K.
Completion of Microdrive CSTOM 2.5 TO:
1 — shirt cylinder, 2 — strip, 3 — insert, 4 — controlling, 5 — cylinder, 6 — modified the Carter.
Universal key.
The universal key.
The insert for the compression option is machined from alloy AK-4 (in the extreme case of D16T), the seat under controlling lapped at the return details. Controlling — brass (LS-59), to increase the resource after lapping the working surface is chrome plated.
Customized to insert controlling should take place from the strong pressing hand or under light blows of a hammer weighing 25 g. the gases Pass through this pairing not valid, would otherwise be nullified all the advantages of a Microdrive. With careful execution of the redesigned motors CSTOM 2.5 TO the compression option greatly outperform the famous KMD-2,5 even early graduation.
A. STEPANTSEV, head of airmodelling mug, Chelyabinsk

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