GRASS TO CUT!Our reader I. Samotin, a resident of the village volodarskoe the Kokchetav region, “M-K” № 12 in 1983 spoke about how, from readily available materials, to produce mill-kruporushka, so necessary in almost any country house. A simple and reliable device has attracted interest from the readers. Today we offer new development I. Samotin — shredder feed.

The mechanism is designed for grinding of grass, nettles, burdocks, reeds, corn stalks and cobs, various root crops. The degree of grinding of green mass is governed by its residence time in the hopper. But more on that below; first, what constitutes a chopper.
It consists of a tripod, the motor power of 500 W at 220, a hopper with a lid and a cutting apparatus consisting of two knives — working and “Metallica”.
The tripod is welded from steel rods and plugged water pipes. The hopper is made from a tin Ø300 and a height of 100 mm. In the center of the bottom of the jar done the hole for the motor shaft and the wall (with grip bottom) — window size 70X70 mm with damper for outlet of the finished product.
In addition, inside the wall of riveted corrugated steel tape-bump with a width of 40 and a thickness of 1 mm, designed to drop knives flying off from the center of large particles.
Fig. 1. General view of mill (cover removed)
Fig. 1. General view of mill (cover removed):
1 — bunker, 2 — valve in the open position, 3 — output window, 4 — tape-bump, 5 — cutter, 6 — start button, 7 — motor, 8 — the tripod.

The hopper is attached by three studs M6 to the motor housing, mounted on a tripod and covered with a lid, in which done the entrance hole size 50x50mm to the filing of the original raw materials.
Now about the knives. They are made from canvas and two-handed saws and put on a bushing mounted on the shaft of the motor M6 screws. Bottom “metallic”, twisted like a propeller and is designed to flip nizoralnyh stems on a working knife, located twenty millimeters above, as well as for sweeping a ready green mass in the output window of the bunker.
Unlike stupid “Metallica” working knife has a sharpened cutting edges. The ends of the knife is slightly bent downwards — so it cuts better.
R and p. 2. The device of the chopper
Fig. 2. The device of the chopper:
1 — bunker, 2 — tape-bump, 3 — cover, 4 — “metallic”, 5 — a working knife, 6 — inlet, 7 — the screw of fastening of knives, 8 — Cup spacer, 9 — Bush, 10 — output window 11 — the plug of the valve, 12 — valve, 13 — fastening of the hopper, 14 — motor, 15 — shaft, 16 — washer.

Shredder are as follows. Start the engine, and grass, intended for harvesting, is directed into the inlet in the lid (flap while covered). The rotating blades catch the grass and crushed it. The degree of crushing, as mentioned above, depends on the time spent in the bunker: the longer, the finer. On average, the whole operation time is about 5 — 6 s After which the valve is open, and the green mass begins to crumble from the output window in a continuous stream. Under normal working conditions can get up to 100 kg product per hour.

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