STAINED glass WindowsWhen visitors ask which of the stations they liked most, many, without hesitation, called the “Novoslobodskaya”. The reason is the beautiful stained glass Windows, giving the underground Palace a unique look.
The art of making stained glass Windows arose with the invention of glass. The first cast of his multi-colored translucent disks, mounted in a lead frame, marked the beginning of the creation of color multicolored panels.
We offer you to make a similar mosaic picture spectacular decoration of the apartment. Of course, a classic technology you are unlikely. But wasn’t the worst result you can get using one of the following methods.
The easiest way to create drawing with colored transparent varnishes. This will require nitrocellulose lacquer tinted nitro or even pasta, extruded from the rod of a ballpoint pen. However, in the second case, the palette will not be too rich — rods, as is known, are produced red, green, blue, black and purple. But it’s not terrible: the diversity — not the main advantage of the stained glass.
First of all draw a sketch of the future mosaic. Based on the image, you can take the national ornaments, stylized images of animals, birds or plants. These paintings depicted in our drawings.
A few words about the technology of “painting”. In any case, as a basis it is best to take patterned (patterned) glass.
First, you need to carefully prepare the surface — degrease baking soda, rinse with clear water, and after drying — even gasoline or acetone. With “the inside” clip on glass rubber glue a sheet of paper with a picture of the future of stained glass. Apply varnish should be a foam pad over the stencil.
If the image is ornamental, the boundaries between individual elements are well obtained from the wire marks PEL thickness of about 3 mm Segments of wire are laid on the glass and fix it with epoxy glue. After curing of the adhesive on the surface of the glass is poured a layer of “epoxy”, covered with plastic wrap, lapping to the “frame” and its elements. After polymerization of the resin film is separated.
For “stained glass” works quite perfect, and method of application. Use colored Mylar, which is sold in stores for young technicians. The Foundation panels, as in the previous case, the patterned glass sheet. The elements of the mosaic are cut from the Mylar film and is fixed on the transparent glass glue of type “Moment”. Apply it on the film and glass, dry “to touch” and put the detail of the pattern on the intended location.
After the glue dries, close the stained glass and join in the making of “frame”. It will require the epoxy resin and aluminum powder. Thoroughly mix the resin and hardener, as indicated in the instructions, and then add aluminum powder. The result is a putty, resembling molten metal. Lay it into a clean package from-under milk, cut it in the area to make a hole with a diameter of 4-5 mm, and such a device apply to glass both sides of the convex boundary between the adjacent colors. In a few hours “epoxy” polimerizuet and will look like a true metal frame.
Stained glass.
At the top — the stained glass Windows in the interiors. In the center — the manufacturer of ceiling lamp. Below are examples of stained glass.
Left — stained glass applique. Digit: the cover glass (1), film items of stained glass (2), patterned glass (3) sketch (4) and making a “frame” from the “epoxy” (5).
To the right is a stained glass window of colored lacquer. The numbers indicate: paint, pad and stencil (1), patterned glass (2), sketch (3), plastic film (4), and bonding of semirings “frame” (5).

Now about where you can apply multicolored glass panels.
First of all, of course, Windows. However, the stained glass is good, if the Windows face South, the light in the room more than enough to block part of the light is quite acceptable.
Good looking multicolor glazed doors. And, of course, the most interesting to use stained glass as the Foundation of the lamp, placing it on the ceiling or wall. Such lighting is appropriate to arrange in the hallway or the nursery. Options stained glass lamps are shown in our drawings.
A luminous ceiling will require the manufacture of the frame made of boards section 20X150 mm. First attach the four tesini on the walls, then install the longitudinal bars in dural corners or wooden slats of triangular cross-section. The same fixed and crossmember. The bottom screws screwed lacquered oak or beech slats, which will be colored glass. Above are the cartridges for bulbs and wiring.
Can also buy painting by numbers Kiev, if you do not know how to draw.
For the basics of each of the stained glass Windows here, you will also need patterned glass — it has good diffusion of light. While selecting the color try to avoid the predominance of any one color.
The same glowing panel can be mounted on the walls. Very well looked triangular panel, mounted in the corners of the room, or rectangular, located, for example, on both sides of the mirror. Sparkling stained glass Windows extend the walls of your home, make it more spacious, more elegant.

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