PLOW JALALABADIReaders of “M-K” has long been familiar with the enthusiast a homemade tilling equipment, designer, lover of Nizhny Tagil Grigory Ivanovich ODEGOVA. After all, he managed to develop one of the most effective metalbeat that performance is better than tillers, and motorize and even microstructure. And this despite the fact that the engine olegovskoy of motoliberty — only powertrain of an old “Vyatka”.

Today we bring you two led-winch with foot actuator. One of them developed GI Tegulum and the other is a modernized version of the winch Grigory Ivanovich, designed in the creative laboratory “Eureka.”
According to the designer jalalabadi, tillage machine with pedal drive is much more efficient as shovels and towed plow, driven by the efforts of one or two people.
Pedal winch Odegova G. I. is organized as follows. It is based on lightweight tubular frame, on which is mounted a drum, cheeks which represent the ratchet wheel. On the same axis are mounted swinging pedal with the ratchet latch. Both pedals have a spring that provides a return each to the top position. Also is spring-loaded and ratchet latch.
The winch frame is welded from steel pipes with a diameter of 22…32 mm. the Drum is a section of pipe with an outside diameter of about 300 mm, to which are welded two steel discs with a diameter of 380 mm and a thickness of about 4 mm. to turn these disks in the ratchet wheel, G. I. Odegov cut around the circumference of each of the asymmetric teeth the depth of each is about 5 mm and pitch of about 10 mm. In principle the work could be easier, slotting each of the second triangular depression — this is quite enough for normal operation of the ratchet mechanism.
In principle, it would be possible to make a more simple ratchet, as shown in our drawings. On the side surface of each of the cheeks of the drum are drilled around the circumference of the hole diameter of 8…10 mm. of Course, this changes the design of the ratchet, as shown in figure upgraded jalalabadi.
Levers pedal actuator this unit is welded from steel tubes of circular or rectangular cross section. One side of each of the levers is welded sleeve — cut steel pipe with an inner diameter of 20 mm, with the other axis pedals. The last is easiest to find a ready — off the bike, although not too difficult to make and improvised, bending the letter P steel strip with a thickness of about 3 mm. When using a homemade pedals as axis you can use a threaded stud welded to the outer side of each of the pedal levers.
The axis of the drum and levers of a pedal of a drive is a steel rod with a diameter of 20 mm, the ends of which are machined on the length of 30 mm and they tapped M14.
Streamline jalalabadi on the basis of the mechanism Odegova G. I.
Upgraded jalalabadi on the basis of the mechanism Odegova G. I.:
1 — cheek drum, 2 — lever, 3 — pedal, 4 — wire, 5 — longitudinal ele ment frame, 6 — clamp, 7 rack, 8 — strut, 9 — anchor, 10 — rear cross member, 11 — reel, 12 — front cross member, 13 — Bush drum, 14 — ear, 15 — hub linkage drive, 16 — nut with washers, 17 — the axis of the drum and the lever actuator of the winch, 18 — flanges, 19 — dog ratchet, 20 — spring ratchet 21 — ear, 22 — the return spring of the actuator arm.

Jalalabadi design Odegova G. I.
Jalalabadi design G. I. Odegova.
The upgraded drum winch consists of a segment of steel pipe of external diameter 300 mm, to which are welded two steel discs with a thickness of 3 mm and a diameter of 380 mm. In the center of each of the disks are drilled with a diameter of 30 mm and zapressovyvajutsja nylon sleeve (can be Teflon, textolite or bronze).
Jalalabadi can be paired with the same plough, which was developed by G. I. Odegova for his motoliberty. Jalalabadi works in two cycles: the first worker and the second idle speed when the plow is dragged to the beginning of the plot; however, the pawl ratchet pulled away and the drum rotates freely. However, you can use “infinite” (ring) the rope and the block on the opposite relative to jalalabadi the end of the plot, which allows us to work both passes of the plow.

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