Transformiruyushcheesya backup for currant, gooseberry and other bushes are easily made from steel wire with a diameter of 5-8 mm (“rod”) and this type of poles. And with the minimum expenses of forces and time. The posts will be segments of “rod” after their lower ends are pointed and the top is bent in the form of eight. Rings of such a spring eights need to deploy at an angle to each other, put inside a metal or plastic tube, wooden stick — the future of the joists, to allow the rings”Samohval” slightly to straighten. The reliability of the resulting connection is called, guaranteed.

Those who grow tall varieties of tomatoes, for sure, familiar with the situation when urgently need a garter of the stems to the supports, and nothing would seem right. However, in the closet lie idle excess wire in vinilovoj isolation, but what good are they…
Working “eight” elastic “wire rod”:
1 — front-torsion (steel wire Ø5…8); 2 — lag; 3 — gained support shrub


Easy garter

Easy garter:
1 — front; 2 — wire in PVC insulation; 3 — we tied the plant

And the most that neither is effective and immediate! Remember how sometimes deftly and lovingly wrap the children a half-eaten candy in a beautiful “wrapper”. Remember? So get down to business!
Take 50-60 mm piece of wire (preferably a double “ribbon”) in PVC insulation and tie up their tomatoes to the vertical supports. With increased growth of shrubs can add a new garter, move, or loosen the old one.
Autumn garter clear (this is very easy), straighten, briefly dip it in disinfectant solution of copper sulfate. Then dry and store until next season.
These garters are comfortable, practical and long service life.
B. NIKOLAEV, Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine

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