ROTARY HOEWe return to a universal small-sized agricultural machine WSM-2 “Cinderella”, designed and built by members of the primary organization of VOIR Seversk secondary school № 44, Krasnodar region (“M-K” №9 1980, №6, 1981). Designed for use on the school experimental plot, student production brigades, in the household plots, collective and state greenhouses, USM-2 can already carry more than a dozen kinds of operations. Nevertheless, Seversky, students continue to improve “Cinderella” — come up with new and new agricultural tools that extend its capabilities. Today we will talk about two such soil-cultivating aggregates: cultivator and mower.


The unit is designed for loosening soil to a depth of 100-120 mm in width, 540 mm in a single pass. It is attached to the rear of the frame, USM-2 with four bolts and is driven by a chain from a sprocket located on the left side of microstructure on the shaft of the worm gear (Fig. 1).


Suspension of “Cinderella” in this case being converted into a one-wheel option: front wheel freely rotating with the rotation mechanism is removed, but instead put him more — more, which then connects by a chain drive with gear motor. To the frame of “Cinderella” before the cutter is attached to the controller of the embedding, consisting of a small wheel-roller and regulation device.
The performance of such tillage units ranges from 0.03 to 0.06 ha/h, depending on the quality and condition of the soil.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. “Cinderella” (the one-wheeled version) with the mill-cultivator:
1 — casing, 2 — rack mount housing, 3 — three-prong bracket 4 — frame cutter, 5 — mount bolts cutter, 6 — chain, 7 — wheel regulator of penetration.

Fig. 2. Device cutters
Fig. 2. Device cutters:
1—hoe, 2 — bolt coulters, 3 — three-prong bracket, 4— flange, 5 — axle, 6 — bolt flange, 7 — bearing, 8 — clip ball bearing, 9 — element frame, 10 — star 11 — rack mount casing.

Students Sergei Denisenko, Sasha, Moiseenko and Jura Sevryukov, constructori mills-Ripper, has implemented it in the following form (Fig. 2). On the horizontal axis fixed five joints connected with brackets, beams which are located at 120°. They are cut from thick steel sheet and joined to the flanges by bolts. At the ends of each beam by two bolts attached chopper made out of triangular cutters and tool holders.
Flanges located on the axis so that the chopper adjacent brackets ahead of one another by 30°. Immediately on the axle and is driven by an asterisk (coming to her drive target parallel to the longitudinal axis of microfracture). Behind the cutter covers the casing, attached to the frame of steel rails.
The desire to improve the performance and reliability of the cutting apparatus brought man from simple braids to all sorts of mowers. Today there are many mechanisms by which to quickly and efficiently mow the grass, grains, krupnozubchatye plants. It would seem, what else can you come up with! And yet people continue to find new solutions. For example, the design suggested by a member Vorovskogo mug Sasha Nikolaev.
Developed small rotary hinged mower is designed for mowing and shredding grass. Working on it — the shaft with twenty-four knives-choppers, which are freely suspended between the welded to the shaft cheeks. Knives made from spring steel and have sharp cutting edges.
Rotary lawn mower
Rotary lawn mower:
1 — shaft, 2 — bearing housing, 3 — cheek, 4 — knives 5 — sprocket driven, 6 — circuit, 7 — sprocket, 8 — frame mower, 9 cover, 10 — bracket of the casing 11 intermediate shaft 12 and angular gear, 13 — PTO, 14 — housing support bearing 15 — V-belt drive, 16 — PAL worm gearbox, 17 — tool kit “Cinderella”.

The axis of the knives from bar Ø 9 mm press-fitted into coaxial holes of each pair of cheeks. In working condition knives are hanging on the axes down spikes; when the shaft rotates, the centrifugal force “throws” them and forces them to take a stable radial position. Any field of plants, trapped in this moment under racing in a circle of the tip will be inevitably skewed.
Such a rapid rotational movement of the working body gets from the PTO of “Cinderella”, to which the mower is mounted on the front four bolts. Torque via angular gear box located to the left on the frame of the mower is transmitted to the intermediate shaft with a leading asterisk. From it a chain driven sprocket and hence to work on.
If a knife hits a stone or other extraneous solid object, then spoiled the knife easy to remove, knocking the axle out of the holes through the core.
N. OBREJA, head of a school organization VOIR

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