In the first rank of the best projects presented by young technicians country in the Central exhibition NTTM-82, is “Rublis” — self-propelled plow-cultivator, or, as it is called, a plane. Built this machine students the eight-year school in the village of Ruda district of Liepaja Latvian SSR, the members of the circle of mechanization of agriculture.

The design attracted the attention of not only fans, but also professionals a year ago — the all-Union meeting of young technicians in Tbilisi. Interest was aroused by the simplicity of the layout, access for repetition. This plow can be built in any village workshop, with a minimum of necessary equipment.
Designed “Rubles” for inter-row cultivation of plants. When changing the working bodies can be Spud planting, loosen the soil cutters, harrow. The performance of the machine for these operations respectively of 0.2, 0.04 and 0.1 ha/h.
The basis of the “Rodolia” is the engine of the VP-150M power 6 HP with the standard forced cooling. And this is very important: the unit operates at low speeds (up to 6 km/h), and to protect it from overheating, only a fan.
Installed VP-150M on the underframe, welded steel area with shelves 32×32 mm. the Top node of the engine mounts snapped the bolt to the crossbar of the motor, the lower is clamped by the clamp uverennym in its longitudinal element. To it are attached the feed tube and air filter, and struts, supporting a fuel tank from a moped.
Fig. 1. Self-propelled plow-cultivator
Fig. 1. Self-propelled plow-cultivator “Rubles”:
1 — frame, 2 — damper, 3 — engine, 4 — air intake 5 — fuel tank 6 — throttle lever, 7 — control arm, 8 — arm-clutch, 9 — unit hitch of a plow, 10 — tension area, 11 — sprocket, 12 — under engine frame, 13 — plow-cultivator, 14 — way wheel with sprocket, 15 — lugs 16 — resistant corners.

Fig. 2. Under engine frame
Fig. 2. Sub frame:
1 — bolt hole top-mount engines, 2 — clamp for the bottom node, 3 — holes for bolts mounting to the frame of the “Rodolia”, 4 — hole screw chain tension.

The entire power plant is located in the shared rams “Rodolia”, also made out of the area, but with shelves of larger size — 50X50 mm. it is Secured with four bolts, holes are made elongated in the frame so you can pull the day. For this there are two area that is welded behind the motor, are inserted in the tension bolts.
Suspension is represented by a wheel cultivator from the production, sprocket with 54 teeth from the movement of the straw walkers, harvester decommissioned and the hub. All these parts are connected together and revolve in bearings on the axis, which is attached to rams “Rodolia” two curved brackets of sheet steel. Force from the engine is transmitted to them by chain. Sprocket with 13 teeth is also deducted from the combine.
The front frame is the muffler, the rear — handle control levers gas and clutch and the hinge of agricultural equipment. The top is a powerful horizontal plug, screwed to the brackets; the lower angles, welded to the transverse element of the frame. Selhozgodu is hung by means of two bolts.
Fig. 3. The device chassis
Fig. 3. The device suspension:
1 — frame, 2 — bracket, 3 — axis Ø 16 mm, 4 — hub, 5 — way wheel with grousers, 6 — star, 7 — spacer, 8 — bearing.

Fig. 4. The hinge of agricultural equipment
Fig. 4. The hinge of agricultural equipment:
1 — frame 2 — cross-area, 3 — lower node, 4 — node, top-plug, 5 — brackets.

These nodes are needed when using the plow-cultivator, mouldboard or disc harrow. When it comes to the turn of soil cutters, “Rublis” a few alter: powerplant carry forward, for the stubborn corners. To the frame attach the front two wheels from the map, the suspension is removed, the brackets unfold out and between them on the axis of the set of soil cutter. The drive is also a chain, but the other, the shorter one. The rear frame is attached to another element of the new chassis clip. They adjust the milling depth.

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