HARVEST DRUMSo it is from time immemorial: the harvest of potatoes and before putting it in winter storage, and shortly before spring planting is sort — separated small tubers, which are fed to cattle or processed for starch.

To do this, as well as for planting and harvesting, designed special machines and mechanisms. However, in the circles of young naturalists, breeding stations — that is where not have to deal with large quantities of potatoes, there is a need for a simple mechanism to sort the tubers.
Such a simple kartofelnikova, and a small thresher for corn on the cob proposes to construct a mechanical engineer I. Kitaev.
Kartofelnikova (see figure) has the following main parts: two coaxial rod cylinder, hopper, pitched rod lattices for different fractions of potato, the manual actuator and the frame.
The base of each cylinder Ilayda wooden hoops with crosses. Hoops are composed of individual cells connected to each other and to the crossbar studs and steel plates.
To prevent mechanical damage to the potatoes when you sort the d-pad are rounded.
On the inner side of the hoops are attached to wooden rods Ø 15-16 mm and a length of 650-700 mm. They are made of solid wood. Attach them to the hoops by means of a flexible metal strip and screws. In hoops styling bars make the cut.
1 — wooden frame, 2 — pitched Board for potatoes coarse fraction, 3 — Val cylinders, 4 — gate manual, 5 — bearing, 6 — bar cylinder of the potato middle fraction, 7 — rod and cylinder of potato of the fine fraction, 8 — feed hopper 9 is sloped grate potatoes fine fraction, 10 — pitched grating of potatoes, the average fraction 11 — a wooden Hoop, 12 — a wooden rod, 13 — cross, 14 — element wrap, 15—steel trim, 16 cross — shaped pad, 17 — wheel hub with a retaining bolt

The distance between the bars of the cylinder for potatoes fine fraction is about 30 to 35 mm, and the average fraction of 40-50 mm. Inner diameter not less than 700 mm.
The cylinders are connected by bolts. Depending on the size of cylinders are selected corresponding dimensions of the frame. The frame can be made of wooden bars section 60X60 mm or angle steel size 35X35X4 mm.
If you are interested in crafts with their hands, I advise you to visit the website of Habbo.
During operation, the cylinders are installed inclined at an angle of 8-10°.
Kartofelnikova separates tubers into three fractions: small, medium and large; small and medium-sized potatoes, then sifted through the first and second clamping cylinders and large appear on the output. Land and small impurities are separated through a sloping grid.
The size of this kartofelnikova approximate; depending on the required productivity and size of tubers they can change.

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