The first homemade motorized assistant appeared in our family almost 20 years ago. We made it V. Il’ichev development of the suburbs, published in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”. And found how good it is to have the farm walk-behind tractor-wagon, which in any case will not fail, be it tillage or the cleaning and removal of crops from the field.

But we were not satisfied with the achieved results. Decided that it would be nice to our metopomancy to add ease in the furrow, as the speed and handling on the road. Especially after getting acquainted with the systems winch-plow, and tractor-trailer (published, for example, in № 9’81, 3’89, 4’94, 2’95, 1’97, 11’97 of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”). The result of our creative thinking and experimentation were the various modifications of motomania.
In particular, it gave a positive result in the introduction of a couple of winch-plow two additional adjustments: to adjust the width and depth of capture. Now when planting borozdna wheel comes with a maximum shift in the direction of the plowed field, plow the land just covers things planted tubers, automatically maintaining the desired depth of the patch. Convinced also that if the land is easy and not the first year in treatment, the plow, it is advisable to install additional wheels that turns upside down during the back plow into a truck, which thanks to a special steel hook freely rolls by the next furrow.
The most successful, in our opinion, were the experiments on the coupling of “mototecha for Odegova” (“modelist-Konstruktor” No. 6’90) with trolley. The result is a design that is submitted to the readers.
1 – metamagic Oleg, modified; 2 — host a “soft” mounting of the power unit; 3 – tensioner chain; 4 – wheel front combo; 5 – frame truck; 6 – sulfur and (2); 7 – the lever of the torsion-arm suspension (2 PCs); 8 — axle shaft (2 PCs); 9 wheel rear (from a motorcycle “Voskhod”, 2); 10 — body-dump trucks; 11 – shock absorber (rubber hose, 4 PCs.); 12 – seat (from a motorcycle “Ural”) in the spring.

Construction “soft” mounting the power unit:
1 — slide; 2 — reinforced washer (4 PCs); 3 — “goose”; 4 — gusset plate frame mototada Odegova (2); 5 – M12 short (12 PCs); 6 —paw (steel area 35×35, 4-piece); 7 — bushing (2 PCs); 8 — bushing spring (from the car “Moskvich-2140”, 4 pieces); 9 — bolt-pin M12 (2 PCs); 10 — bolt M12 long; 11 — bolt N18 (3 PCs.).
The mechanism of chain tension

The mechanism of chain tension:
1 – bracket steering column; 2 — reinforced washer; 3 — tensioner (like safety pins); 4. bolt M10; 5 — star leading (motor); 6 — circuit roller; 7 – sprocket driven

Frame truck (welded from lengths of steel pipes 33,5x3,5 and 40x7,5)
The frame of the truck (welded from lengths of steel pipes 33,5×3,5 and 40×7,5):
1 — pivot bushing (with bronze bushings-bearings): 2 — cosina small; 3 — pole; 4 – gusset plate; 5 — stand; 6 – step; 7 – shock absorber body (a section of rubber hose, 4 items); 8 – jib large; 9 — bushing-crossmember; 10 – bushing body swivel (2 PCs); 11 – frame.

Instead of front wheels mounted the slope from the sidecar. More precisely, two disks from between the drum scooter “Tula” and a homemade flange with an asterisk. For chain tension “follows” a specific device the principle of which is very similar to the so-called safety pin. Seemingly, little things. But the tractor-truck in all situations began to work smoothly, without release the chain on the motor sprocket even under shock loads.
Because in this case, as in the prototype design, the engine piston makes a horizontal reciprocating motion, the vibration from the power unit are transmitted to the frame of mototada and then to the steering wheel. Therefore I used “soft” engine mounts. The basis of its elastic spring bushings from the car “Moskvich”, works fine with vibration.
The mounting bracket of the power unit is made integral with the possibility of displacement of the slider relative to the “goose”. The alignment of these parts defines a screw-top long bolt M12 with nut retainer. The rails serve four short bolts passing through the slots in the slide. The result is greatly facilitated not only the accuracy of the installation of the power unit, but also maintained the proper tension on roller chain that transfers torque from the drive (engine) sprocket to a driven wheel of mototada. With two top legs (segments a steel angle 35×35 mm) of this compound a bracket attached to the top plate of the frame mototada, and the two bottom — to-bottom.
Equally simple and the chain tensioner of the type safety pins. The Executive element made of steel wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm. the Size of — the place, and the free end of the pins is of a length to freely roll on the rollers of the chain (so the spring is enough for two seasons of hard work). But washer chain tensioner needs to be solid, which is a curved steel strip with a slot, which serves as the end of the “pins” kind of scenes.
Modified this way, metamagic is acceptable for use in the coupling with any suitable truck. And if you place the body on the trailer frame and make tipping, aligning the swing axis with center of symmetry, then unloading it will be mechanized. For example, “undid” the back Board, moved two or three shovels of shipment back and the body will tip over. Enough to propel the truck-dump truck forward a little, as there will be cameratruck.
Another feasible idea: to equip such a vehicle shock absorbing suspension. The snail-walk-behind tractor it is, of course, is not necessary. But the transport hitch, which moves not on smooth pavement, but potholes and ruts with a speed of 40 km/h, this suspension absolutely necessary.
All these wishes-requirements fully meets design, the frame which is a symbiosis of technical solutions available to these prototypes, with increased load-bearing elements and the introduction of the torsion arm suspension. As the docking station uses a bushing cut from thick-walled steel pipe with bronze bushings-bearings and pivot bolt.
L-shaped drawbar reinforced tubular ecocinema and the gusset plate and connected at the bottom with the stand, footrests and polurama. Together with bushing-cross member it forms a solid base for fastening the cushioned seat and the rotary body, the center of gravity of which is at the middle of the bushing-cross member. The latter, being the axis of the body itself, serves for the attachment of earrings torsion arm suspension. While sections of rubber hose mounted on the ends of the bushing-crossmember and large jib, play a role of additional shock absorber. (Lock for locking the body in position conventionally not shown.)
Torsion-arm suspension at the rear wheels
Torsion arm suspension rear wheels:
1 — torsion (from trucks, shortened by half); 2 — earring steel; 3 — arm rotary; 4 — axle shaft Assembly with rear wheel.

Body dump
The body of the truck (locks-tailgate latches and bracket to the steering sleeve conventionally not shown; main material steel sheet 1.2 mm thick):
1 — Board front; 2 — bottom turning into a side Board; 3 — pin suspension rear side (d10, 2); 4 — rear Board; 5 — rib (aluminum corner 45×45, L950).

Homemade handle
Homemade grip throttle (decorative elastic harness is not shown):
1 – steering wheel 2 – handle swivel (a section of vinyl hose); 3 – holder (steel strip s1): 4 – boss; 5 – point blank-holder; 6 — the rope of gas; 7 – a collar of fastening of front brake lever; 8 — the front brake lever.

Torsion in the structure are halves of the same name of the finished product from the suspension of the cab of KAMAZ. One half is used without any changes, while spline part two transformed into a prismatic head by adapting the cross section to a square with sides of 24 mm. the Head of each of the torsion bars firmly embedded in the square slot of the corresponding ear-rings, welded to the truck frame, and a cylindrical end is clamped in a split bushing rocker arm.
Earrings, as both swing arm homemade. The workpiece for the first was plate size 80x40x12 mm of steel grade STD. The levers are welded from steel tubes of appropriate sizes, and as uasin used plates from the same FTZ.
Thanks to a powerful split sleeves are provided with ride height adjustment, the preload of the torsion bars or the stroke of the suspension. The elasticity of the suspension is the length of rocker arm, or rather, distance from the centre of torsion bar to center of the wheel. Cuts rubber hose and placed over the ends of the bushing-crossmember and large jib frame, act as buffer end.
Now about the body. It can be assembled from standard dural panels, corners and rivets. But it is better to use a homemade bent profiles of sheet steel with thickness 1,2 mm. the body Consists of four main parts: bottom, rolling in of the sidewall, the ribs (area 45×45 mm), front and rear boards. The latter is removable, fastened as a lid on the milk jar. The upper edges of the sidewalls are angled outwards, and the front and rear sides of the interior, thus making the harness, which gives additional rigidity to the entire body. With such collars, if to dull the sharp edge of the bends, the whole pipe becomes elegant machinery “industrial” look. Especially after a thorough priming and final painting.
It remains to tell of the trifles, which greatly facilitates the operation of mototech-truck. First, it is “Izhevsk” saddle screwed to the frame the spring. Secondly, it is not shown in the drawings a protective and decorative elastic winding foot pegs, grips, steering column and other parts rubber ties cut from old motukarara. Moreover, you can collect the and likewise to make homemade arm “gas” reel-to-reel type on any pipe diameter base. This requires two parts: a holder made of steel strip thickness of 0.8 mm and the focus-holder which is mounted under the clamp bolt front brake. Holder “primitives” to tube-based adhesive insulating tape, over which is superimposed a rubber band.
To avoid turning the tires, the wheel rim spiked, that is equipped with a kind tabs-slides (but not on the lateral surface, and the landing diameter). After mounting of the wheel pressure can be reduced to a minimum. And security cameras are guaranteed for a long time.
Air filter is made from a plastic bottle of household chemicals. Inside it — two circles of small mesh, between which the gasket horsehair. Such a filter element is easily removed and washed in gasoline. The filter neck is put on the diffuser carb and fixed belt clip.
A. NEVLADINOG, Velikie Luki, Pskov region.

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