TRACTOR IN YOUR BACKYARD“Mini tractor, description and sketches of which were published in No. 3 of the journal this year, I really liked it. As, apparently, the other readers of the “M-K”, there was a desire to make much-needed in an economy car-wagon. Moreover, because the engine pumps, and Azovskoe the clutch, and main gear from the electric cars available are already available. Constrains only the lack of information about what the suitable mini tractor front axle, frame, support system. I will be glad to read about all this on the pages of your favorite magazine.”

Similar letters to the editor received a lot. The response to them is published below material.

Apparently, everyone who decided to seriously undertake the development of a homemade mini-tractor (MT), used a lot of counterparts, original decisions of those or other components before you opt for the best option. Haven’t been here, of course, no exception and I, being guided in their creative search for “M-K” and other publications, industrial designs of agricultural machinery. And if it is acceptable to implement at home scheme of transmission MT-based motor pumps, Gusovskogo clutch and rear axle from the electric vehicle has emerged as a sudden flash of insight, then the rest — alas! — appeared far not at once and not suddenly.
I would be happy if these solutions appeal to readers and subscribers of the “M-K” — fans make things with their hands — like how it happened with what was already published in the 3rd issue of the journal this year.
FRONT AXLE MT my homemade (with the use of hubs, axles and drive wheels from the GAZ-69, “beetle”), swinging on a longitudinally extending axis. He — adjustable travel stops. The frame bridge is mounted to the main frame with four bolts M14. As expected, this design eye of Salas reliable, easy to operate. Moreover, in case of need, the bridge can be easily removed.
Enough just remove the bolts and disconnect one end of the longitudinal traction.
The STEERING is also well established itself in the process of operation of MT. Because the longitudinal thrust, and the steering column, and the transverse thrust from the UAZ — 452; the latter is truncated to the length of 450 mm (see drawings). The transverse thrust from the tip (a-line) — from the car “beetle”, with a homemade panel for its length in size.
FRAME (see Fig. 2) made of roll-formed channel 60X120 mm. In places of fastening of the rear axle stepladders vertically installed reinforced corners. All units and parts are mounted to the frame by bolts.
Frame MT
Frame MT:
1 — welded trapezoidal base (roll-formed channel is 60X 120 mm), 2 — reinforcement (cut a steel angle 35X35 mm in the rear axle spring u-bolt 4 PCs.), 3 — pin centering (lbfvtnh 14 mm, 2 PCs.)

1 — frame top-hinge hydraulic cylinders (welded construction from scraps of steel area is 35X35 mm and strips St3 thickness of 10 mm), 2 — frame mini-tractor, 3 — bracket (St3), 4 — cylinder, 5 — frame hitch (welded construction from scraps of steel area is 35X35 mm and steel strip section 10X85 mm), 6 — frame cabin (steel area X 35X 35 mm), 7 — fuel tank (with iron cans with a capacity of 7 l).

The HINGED SYSTEM MT provides management of equipments such. Consists of oil pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic tank and the hydraulic cylinder attachment. Pump NSH-10 is driven from the transmission through the gear reducer to ensure its on and off. The valve two-piece, borrowed from the tractor T-25. Is this element of the system mounted flat (horizontally) on the left wing of MT. Hydraulic tank capacity 7 l Location him in the cabin, under the seat. Longitudinal linkage rod rigidly connected among themselves, forming a solid construction, and pivotally connected to the frame of the mini-tractor through the brackets with the bushings.
The hydraulic cylinder mounted in the Central part of the frame hinge. Moreover, the lower its hinge. The upper hinge is fixed to the other welded structures rather unusual, intricate shapes. She, in turn, the lower part rests on the cross member of the frame of the tractor (see Fig.), sensing more than 80% of the load. This decision greatly simplified the whole suspension system in General.
Adjustment of the plow in the horizontal plane is provided here its very design. Other agricultural equipment with the adjustment of the bracing do not require (meaning the mouldboard, cultivator, etc.).
N. GONCHAROV, Bednodemyanovsk, the Penza region

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