WATERING MACHINEThe garden in the garden requires constant attention and care. But if the issues of timely tillage, planting and fertilizer application depend primarily on the diligence of owners, the need to maintain optimal soil moisture is dictated mainly by natural factors. The arid climate of some regions of our country requires an additional daily irrigation of family land. This condition becomes crucial for obtaining good yields.
By watering at the site are often used a variety of tools: slotted sprinklers, nozzles with tangential entry of liquid, with screw swirlers and others. However, all of them have one common drawback — having a constant area of the output section, they cease to function properly by lowering the pressure in the water, what happens in the countryside quite often.
Making and testing many such devices of various designs I found, I think, the best variant — injector with automatic adjustment of the output area of the annular gap depending on the pressure of the input water. Let the name not afraid of those who want to improve watering your garden — it is very simple to manufacture.
You will need two tubes with a length of 60…100 mm: one 3/4′, 1/2 other’. The first is propyl 6X10 mm, exactly the diameter of the pipe. The propyl is inserted a T-shaped rod with M6 thread at the long end. The stock set valve and lock nut through the spring and the washer. To connect hose pipe 1/2′ cut the tapered groove. After that one pipe is inserted into the other and sealed by welding. You need to pay attention to the stock were exactly at the longitudinal axis. Atomizer is ready. It only remains to proshlifovat the valve seat (open end tube, 3/4′) and adjust the position of the nut the force of the preload valve, the minimum working pressure.
1 — pipe (pipe 1/2′) 2 — housing (tube 3/4′), 3 — valve (D16), 4 — washer (2 PCs., D16), 5 — spring, 6 nut M6, 7 — stock (steel).
At high line pressure atomizer will irrigate a large area, with a low — slightly lower, but the water spray is always quality.
S. IMMORTAL, Sibay, Bashkortostan

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