Organizing a friends meeting, a picnic at the river-lake or any scenic forest clearing, arranging a family celebration (or formal reception) in his “country residence”is different in the summer splendor of the country, of course, take care of appropriate treat. And among the “gastronomic delights” many will certainly want to see natural barbecue or made immediately by a special recipe smelly hot. So hurry to get a special grill, an ingenious foldable (imported, expensive) Dutch oven…
Meanwhile, there are a number of other (more—homemade!) devices for cooking outdoors. In addition, they do not require close attention during operation, and economical, have greater productivity, less flammable. Among these designs worthy of the “l eating with the right is the wheel skewer. It can be proposed for the description and sketches, presented by Y. Polyakov from Moscow
Meat, fish, vegetables, in cooking losing weight. Just this property and is used in the wheel skewer to bring it into rotation and uniform roasting of the product cooked from all sides.
To do so useful in the household and truly indispensable when leaving “nature” device can be a single wrap. Or two (see figure). On odnoobrazny roasted in small separate pieces of the product. Dvukomnatny is designed for the installation of the skewers with a length of 500 mm or more.
Well, if you have, as they say, get an old Bicycle wheel with hubs and bearings. It is much easier. Otherwise, you’ll have to make for themselves.
For the manufacture of duhovnogo spit take 2-mm back strip width from 20 to 50 mm (e.g., from the old barrel) and a length — to diameter of each of the bent blanks were not less than 400 mm. the Hub and the spokes connect with Hoop by using welding or rivets. Moreover, the hub can serve as a section of pipe with a diameter of 25 mm or more, and the shaft — tube of smaller diameter or a steel rod with a diameter of 8-10 mm.
It is desirable to use in the design of bearings.
It is this option and is shown in the illustrations. For lubrication of the rubbing in the same conditions of heating of parts it is recommended to apply pounded into powder graphite.
Spit of hoops in action
Skewer of hoops in action:
1 — shaft (segment of the rod of Steel 45 with a diameter of 25 mm or steel water-gas supply pipes of the suitable size), 2 — node Bearing (2 PCs.), 3 — stand L-shape (steel angle 35×35 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — device signal (from a tin with from, a steel ball or cylinder filled with steel shot major), 5 fire (for security purposes the perimeter of Pb lined with stones), 6 — skewer steel (6…24 PCs) with pieces designed for frying of the product, 7 — skewer wheel (off the bike or homemade from a steel Hoop, spokes and sleeve, 2 pieces).
Manufacturing technology empennage clip on the rim
Manufacturing technology empennage clip on the rim “trochanteric” wheels:
1 — scoring edges and cutting heights of workpieces chisel, 2 — the pulling away of the resulting reeds toward each other, 3 — final finishing of the clip.
Assembly of the warning device for wheeled rotisserie
The Assembly of the warning device for wheeled spit:
1 — plug (with a 0.5-mm St3, 2), 2 — steel ball, or cylinder filled with steel shot, 3 — corrugated insert (from 0,5 mm sheet), 4 — housing (out of a tin can of suitable size).


Well, the Hoop-processing? It is divided along the circumference into equal parts (6 to 24). The edges in this cut. After they were cut out with a chisel towards each other and arch accordingly (see Fig.) clips designed to hold the skewers. Pieces of a product used for frying for such a self-rotating spit, must be identical in weight. When the device is fully “charged” and balanced, then lower the grill closer to the coals of the fire when frying be easier. “Working on” the spit is slowly rotated, lowering down the skewers with chunks of raw product. The larger the wheel diameter, the more evenly it rotates.
I want to warn that, “working on” twirling with a diameter less than 400 mm will not be rotated. Another thing — the device recommended by the author size. Having made several turns on this spit, the roast will be ready.
To be able to leave the home for some time without supervision, must be installed on the wheel axis audio signal. To make such easy the open from one side of the cans (see figure). It is placed rolled from a sheet of thin iron, brass or copper corrugated tube and a small ball (or cylinder) filled with steel shot. Is soldered to the can lid and install the wheel. Now, even from a distance of two tens of meters from the source would be heard as the prepared dish. Uniform and when the tinkling stops, it is necessary the intervention of a cook.
This frying top wheel will free up time for other, equally important part of the meal: organize a table and decorating. In particular, you can safely wash and cut vegetables, making sure only to pick up the sound signal from the rotisserie.
Of course, experienced tinkerers all with their hands are quite capable, and other original designs, is intended for cooking outdoors. For example, designs in the form of a table (on wheels, roaster-grill) that is similar to the one described in the eleventh issue of the journal for 1990. In the presence of the brick and the relevant skills you wish to go even further. For example, to equip On a country station, a special area with capital lined with cozy fireplace (see “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 2’93). But for a beginner saadeldin, Biking, motorcycling or camping (if he’s partial to kebabs, roasts and similar dishes) is hardly more affordable to manufacture and reliable in construction than proposed by the author of the wheel skewer.

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