BEE HOSPITALOne of the most dangerous and contagious diseases of bees — varroa. It is called mite, parasitic on the bee larvae and pupae. To deal with it, bee colonies were treated with a solution of oxalic acid. Doing this usually. One of the keepers takes the frame with honeycombs and the other one squirts liquid from a spray sitting on her bees at first with one, then with the other hand.
The guys from the design of the circle of Chernigov obsut decided to simplify this procedure. They have designed a simple device — swivel bracket for frames, and now all the work on the treatment of winged toilers does one person.
A device for spraying the bees
A device for spraying bees:
1 — locking screw 2 — hive 3 — clip 4 — bushing,5 — screw,6 — finger,7 — cassette,8 — frame.
That’s what this device. To a wide metal bracket with a screw clamp type clamp in the middle of a welded steel sleeve. Of the three segments of the dural channel exactly the right size frame hive assembled U-shaped cassette. To its longest side, and two screws attached to the finger with the ring groove, is inserted into the bushing mounting brackets. The screw sleeve locks the finger, while retaining the ability to rotate the frame during processing.
To install this device on any hive matter of a few seconds.

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