SOFT, YOUTHHow to furnish an apartment? This question is particularly relevant for young people. Because of the shortage of furniture and low incomes make the most of just entering into an independent life with the task of construction of homes practically impossible. But… the impossible if you look at it from traditional angles. Remember from your, yet not very far, childhood the first game — surely you’d build a house. Were these building — blocks, sand, or chairs and blankets — the best and different from others. So why now, when you become adults, to see neighbors and friends, copying their set of furniture and its placement? Look at your apartment or a room as a lot of toys, remember childhood and make a “house” with his hands. It is important to use integrated approach and stand around a single style.

Today YFC offers young original set of furniture. Just a couple of evenings older students or students will be able to make room for his bed, transformed into a chair. The materials that will require the bare minimum.
The kit does not contain any wooden parts and is a set of soft cushions connected by strips of fabric. These kind of “hinges” and allow, if necessary, to convert the bed to a chair or Vice versa.
Fig. 1. A sofa set (A — pattern elements, the seam 20 mm not specified; B — with; C — scheme of folding; D — variants, single and double seats)
Fig. 1. A sofa set (A — pattern elements, the seam 20 mm not specified; B — with; C — scheme of folding; D — variants, single and double seats):
1 — zipper, 2 — “soft joint”.
Fig. 2. Chair-bed
Fig. 2. Chair bed:
1 bottom cushion, 2 — medium cushion, 3 — cushion backrest, 4 — head cushion, 5 — side chairs (plywood, 12Х400Х1100 mm, 2pcs.), 6 — the base (plywood 12Х700Х900 mm), 7 — back (plywood 12Х700Х900 mm), 8 — a “soft joint”. A — the scheme of folding.
Covers for pillows sewn from dense material used for upholstery and the manufacture of covers for car seat. If you buy a fabric fails, you can apply a thin tarpaulin or tent fabric: however, in this case, you will have to put up with more simple appearance, but will cost cheaper design.
Stuffed cushion foam sheets to a total thickness of about 110 mm. Please note that “stuffing” the pillow should be slightly larger than the cover. This eliminates the appearance on the covers of the folds, making them smooth and elastic. Fit the foam into the pillow through the slit in the lateral surface, close the zipper.
The design is intended for one person; but it is easy to equip the same kit and the Bridal chamber. This should make two identical sets and complement them with two small pillows (in the United view of their dimensions equal to one of the main pillow). Together the individual parts are joined together with sewn to the lateral or lower surfaces of the loops and large buttons, or patches of “Velcro”.
Another simple design, addressed to youth, — the chair-bed. The process of making pillows is exactly the same as in the previous case. The back, sides and seat base made of 12 mm plywood and covered with varnish or a bright enamel in accordance with the color scheme of the interior. The bottom cushion is fixed on the base on the strips of “Velcro”. Unused in the embodiment, the seat cushion is placed at the back.
According to the magazine “Praktik” (Germany)

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