SET PLATESpecial cheap and practical furniture for garden house is not yet sold, so usually there dumped all the junk. But what looked good once in a city apartment, in a small country the room will look foreign and uncomfortable: dark polished cabinets, and tapestry upholstery…
Isn’t it better to equip a rustic style, featuring homemade special furniture? Using a small Toolbox of available building material, cheap upholstery fabrics can be made simple and original sets, a variant of which offers today the artist-designer from Leningrad Yuri Bolshakov.
1 — the bottom horizontal strap of the frame, 2 — front, 3 — horizontal strap seat, 4 — stand back 5 — diagonal coupling, 6 — Board shots of the 7 Board seats, 8 — head-strap.
First going side frame. On 2 steaks, 4 superimposed horizontal bars 1, 3, and BAP
PIM screws. Inner strap 3 and outer short 20 mm. the same method collect the second side frame. After that, both frames connecting the frontal plan number 8, which is attached to the inner ends of the horizontal bars 3, and the diagonal brace 5. Then fasten all the other boards, seat length 720 mm backrest length 680 mm.

We offer a set of furniture made of boards of the same size 70х20 mm. the Use of solid wood (birch, spruce, pine, etc.) will increase the service life of the headset. For the quality of finish before assembling all the planes of the boards should be treated with a planer or jointer, and then sandpaper. Sawed off the ends it is desirable to grind. The nodes are all products of the same headset. This creates a single style solution set. For more durable connections of different parts to do them on the glue (PVA, epoxy, carpenter’s).
1 — side frame, 2 — front bracket, 3 Board seats, 4 — diagonal coupling.
The design is very simple. All the features are visible in the picture above, so further explanation is not required.

The collected items headset must be covered with varnish, furniture or parquet varnish. If the wood
has many defects and ugly texture, you can apply the enamel coating, it will hide flaws, but the paint color should be selected in accordance with the interior.
1 — side frame, 2 — Board table tops, 3 — cross, 4 — tie a diagonal, 5 — fastening Board.
First collect the side frame, which fasten the two diagonal tie-rods 4. For a more rigid connection between them on the screws affixed to the fastening Board 5. The countertop is collected separately from boards 2 connected by crossbars 3. The finished countertop is installed on the base and fix with screws to the upper horizontal bar of the frames.

Individual items headset “Board” acceptable to use both indoors and in the yard.
Chairs, armchairs and sofa can be made more comfortable by putting them on pillows filled with foam chips or stylus. The covers preferably the stitching of the thick fabric of bright colors — tent, linen with polyester, cotton. They can be removable (PA zippers or buttons). Very elegant and will complete the decoration of the room, if of the same fabric to make a tablecloth on the table and curtains of the PA window.
The sofa bed consists of two items: the basic Ottoman and folding connected cards or piano hinges.
The rack
1 — horizontal bars, 2 racks, 3 shelves boards, 4 — diagonal coupling.
The Assembly is similar to the previous one, except paired boards stand in the side frames vertically. The horizontal bars 1 and serve as supports for shelves, fixed on the screws. To impart rigidity to the rear struts fasten diagonal tie. The design can “grow”, if you collect another rack and set it on top. From the longitudinal displacement of the junction will protect the exposed portion of the upper horizontal slats.

The main Ottoman is assembled from two side frames 1, the average support 6, who first joined the boards horizontal strips, fastened by screws to the lower horizontal bar of the frames. Then Rama set in a strictly vertical positions and fix the diagonal ties in the middle of the vertical uprights. The inner ends of the horizontal frames and fasten the front Board and consistently sheathed with boards.
1 — side frame, 2 — front bracket, 3 Board seats 4 Board back, 5 — diagonal coupling, 6 — short strap seat.
The Assembly sequence is similar to the previous, but when connecting frames first fixed frontal bar 2, and bar a short seat and then the diagonal screed Board seat and back.
Sofa bed
Sofa bed:
1 — side frame main Ottoman, 2 — diagonal coupling, 3 — Board horizontal ties, 4 — head-Board, 5 — flooring boards, 6 — medium support frame of the main Ottoman, 7— seat Board (“sofa”), the 8 — side frame of the folding Ottoman, 9 — rear horizontal coupling, 10 — average reliance folding Ottoman.

The folding Ottoman is slightly different from the main one, because once assembled, it serves as a sofa. Its Assembly should begin with the layout of the boards. They fasten side frame 8 and Central bearing 10, which are fixed horizontalna rear screed 9 and the front Board 4. Then on the bottom horizontal bar of the side frames and the middle support Board consistently fasten seat sofa 7. Head-Board of the primary Ottoman to flip or card connected piano hinges.

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