Among heartfelt-sincere songs many, apparently, about the memorable autumn, when the “yellow leaves over a city are turned, the quiet rustle under our feet lie…”. Really romantic, beautiful. But… Fallen leaves should be removed. In itself, the lesson is simple but laborious. To alleviate monotonous, meter by meter sweeps of areas with a rake called an interesting development innovators and inventors. About the most successful technical solutions “modelist-Konstruktor” has already told his readers (for example, No. 9’93). Regular publication of thematic collections based on the materials of the Polish magazine “Technical noviny”.

Skating rink for “priglazhivanija” of the earth, neither the farmer nor the owner’s garden or vegetable garden, or even malikussaleh in the equipment of the citizen will be surprised. Widely known and another kind of the next of kin of a wheel with teeth along the entire working surface cylindromatosis harrow. Rolling on the field, it allows you to perform several operations: to loosen the surface layer, sprinkle with buried seeds in the soil, break up clumps of… And specialization is determined by such parameters as the mass of the rink-the basics, the speed of its movement, as well as the size and number of teeth.
As a result of the experiments was created by a fixture (see Fig.), which has managed to appreciate those who had the opportunity to clear out the paper debris and fallen leaves. Especially large land areas.
The present development represents not that other, as a modification of the needle harrows roller type, equipped with comb-bucket. The operator manually or through any engine moves the ice rink in front and comb bucket teeth removes the collected waste (fallen leaves). To some extent this device is also a cultivator of the soil.
To make such a mechanical assistant can anyone. Especially because no special knowledge of experience, expensive parts, complex technologies, including welding, are not required. The main material will be wood, which, as they say, is a pleasure.
Mechanical cleaner-Ripper, the production Version of the rink from old metal barrels
Mechanical cleaner-Ripper:
1 — frame (assembled construction made of boards section 25×55 mm or a steel angle 40x40mm), 2 — lever (cut from a steel tube 28×2,5), 3 — drive roller (from 25 mm wooden shield, 2 PCs.), 4 — axis (length of steel tube 28×2,5 with thread and nuts on the ends) 5 — washer (4 PCs), 6 — casing roller (15 mm boards), 7 — clamp (1.5-mm St3, 2 pieces), 8 — a bucket, a comb (1 mm STZ), 9 — bracket mounted (cut from 12-mm steel rod, 2 piece), 10 — dead leaves and paper trash, 11 — tooth wooden or metal.
The production version of the rink from old metal barrels:
1 — tooth metal (two nuts and washers at the base), 2 — barrel iron (carefully peeled and steamed), 3 — wooden cover (made of 25-mm shield), 4 — axis (length of steel tube 28×2,5 with thread and nuts on the ends) 5 — washer (4 PCs.).

Collapsible rake
Folding rake-“wings”:
1 — arm, 2 — the rope stopper (4 PCs), 3 — the working body of the rotary (2 pieces), 4 — node mounting arm and the hinge joint.

Triptych-the Ripper (rope restraints conventionally not shown)
Triptych-the Ripper (rope-limiters is not shown):
1 —pin-base, 2 — bolt M5 (20 PCs.), 3 — nut M5 (20 PCs.), 4 — working body part contains the cultivator (rake broken steel, 2 PCs.), 5 — a bracket (cut from the steel area of 32×32 mm), 6 — loop paired door (St3, 2), 7 — arm metal (cut from a steel water-gas supply pipe 33. 5×3. 25).

Perhaps the most crucial node of the mechanical cleaner-Ripper rink is attached to the surface four hundred teeth. Everyone here, except maybe the axle with nuts and washers, it is easiest to make out of wood. And the one who does not like long to bother with obstrugivanie boards, assembling them into a single structure, can use roller almost ready — the appropriate size stump, Ebtesam it properly and by driving in the appropriate places metal (less hassle!) eubia. After you have drilled the Central hole for the axis, it is necessary to produce a balanced design.
It is not excluded that someone will draw another semi — bare drum under force of the power cable. Only the final finishing will take more time than using piece-stump. Because the cable drums tend to be quite broken the Central hole. And have to decide what and how it can be reduced.
Good work well as an ice rink and put on one side metal barrel. We only need disk cover Yes care wall fixing teeth to strengthen. For example, by strips of thick washers with large outer diameter.
With similar technical solutions familiar to our readers, because about them quite extensively described in No. 5,’95.
Now a few words about the comb of the bucket. Make it better on the scan. The finished bucket is installed on curtain rod brackets by using riveted at the sides of the clamps. Comb wall of the bucket being located in the vicinity of the working surface of the roller to be easily removed from the teeth paper waste and fallen leaves.
Raking with a rake the fallen leaves, it is useful sometimes to analyze the effectiveness of this routine work. Look at yourself as if from outside.
Thus, the lifting rake, throw them through the difficult, time-consuming and force trajectories, many other unnecessarily energy-intensive moves… And could you try to save some money to spend its resources?
It turns out that you can. But for this we need to arm others with a rake (see Fig.). They raise and not throw forth, and carry out movements reminiscent of Ironing: forward-backward. The blades of the rake are formed at first, like the wings of birds, then straightened, trying to capture more of the “production”. It remains only to take her to the desired location. As they say, the hassle is minimal and the effect is significant.
To make such a rake is possible with wooden blades. For this you need to prepare two boards of size 400x120x10 mm, fit the 10 mm “bakelite” plywood. Each billet saw through the teeth and connect the blades to each other hinge joint so that happened like two wings.
Now about the handle. This pole length 1.5…2 m (depends on your height). Drilling at the base of the arm hole for the axle and making a selection for a pole underneath the loop connecting the two wooden blades, assemble the whole unit in the form of a loop hinge. Turned the original strokes, which, like the wings have mahalata able to disperse to both sides of the handle pole. And the reversal of each stroke not exceed 90° (the rake then is the maximum reported), introduce flexible limiters — cuts ordinary clothesline, length slightly more than a meter.
Ready to rake it is desirable to paint: brighter Yes, more reliable. They can be stored anywhere, in the folded state they do not occupy much space.
A similar idea formed the basis of the triptych-Ripper. Everything in it is metal. And as a working body used… broken factory rake(for example, failed attachment to the handle).
The design proved its worth in practice. Make a triptych Ripper and see for yourself the effectiveness of his work.
The compilation was prepared by N. KOCHETOV

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