For many years I use in my Amateur designs of a homemade hull, made by our own technology. I would be glad if it will embrace readers and respected magazine.
The housing type “L2” is, in principle, frameless design consisting of base and lid. Both parts are U-shaped. Are produced by bending of sheet steel of the desired thickness so that when the building is closed volume.

But first, on a sheet of paper plotted the corresponding scan, which is then transferred to the sheet metal of the desired thickness (in most cases from 0.3 to 1 mm). Spaced workpiece is cut along the contour. Then performed the necessary holes, bending and flanging. In the past often prismatrivayutsya “pukli” — borodkom elongated holes for mounting screws.
This design allows even beginners to metalwork-restenotic works to produce poorly adapted to the conditions of a home workshop light, comfortable and strong enough casing sizes from a matchbox to a full-size TV. A distinct advantage of this technology is that a U-shaped base not difficult to access when laying out and wiring.
Universal frameless enclosure
Universal frameless enclosure:
1 —base; 2 — cover
For the connection of the base and lid equally acceptable the following options: with corners and screws; using a flanging, screws and nuts; using a flanging, “Pula” and screws. Quickly and reliably in any scenario And to the front panel in the assembled housing looked “brand”, the front edge of the cover should be orbitopathy inside. The handle for carrying, it is advisable to attach at the geometric center of the cap, and in a place that will provide balance when carrying a possible future unit.
After final processing and testing assembling the cap and base to be painted. For example, hammer mill or colored (preferably imported water and heat resistant) enamel.
A. SHAMANAEV, inventor, g. L s it, the Nizhny Novgorod region

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