Jigsaw is perhaps the most popular tool in the home workshop craftsmen, and in the laboratory modeller. Meanwhile, its design has remained unchanged for decades, but this does not mean that it is perfect.

A lot of trouble delivering, for example, wing screw clamp. The size of the “lamb” is clearly insufficient in order to twist his arm to do it big the impossible: it will interfere with the work. Also tighten the wing nut with pliers — a sure way to ruin it in very short time.
Make a simple eccentric clamping — and all these problems will cease to excite you. It consists of only three parts, not counting rivets and bolts. He saw out the Cam first, some more complete than required, and then a consistent fit, bring it to the optimal size — the blade must be securely griped, and the lever is a Cam clearly fixed in two extreme positions.

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