COMPACT ELECTRO-SOLDERING IRONI have improved the conventional electric soldering iron. It turned out lightweight and compact (see Fig.), you can carry even in your pocket. It is easy to make and a beginning radio Amateur. This requires electroputere, a burned out tube and cut stranded insulated wire. From the bulb the bulbs carefully pry off the cap and make a plug of insulating material such as textolite. the Micarta or wood. Drill in the centre hole Ø 6,5 mm. the Shank of the soldering iron with a length of 20 mm are coated with glue BF-2 and insert it into the hole, and “then put the plug in the socket from the lamp. When the glues dries, solder to the base of the insights from the winding soldering iron. Now screw the base into the socket and using it as a handle, try how it works. Such soldering can be done a whole set of: 6, 12, 24 and 36 in.

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