FOLDING TABLEChildren’s is usually the smallest room in the apartment. The rational use of its area arises particularly to parents, when the family has another child. In particular, when the first class went my youngest son, thinking where to place the second working place.
Two traditional Desk in the room was clearly not fit and I had to develop a curtain design that consists of two cabinets-desks with hinged tops, between which is a further wardrobe and a shelf.
The Cabinet Secretary on two jobs.
The Cabinet Secretary on two jobs.
Each of the lockers-secretaire consists of Cabinet, table top and hinged support. For the manufacture of all parts used chipboard thickness of 15…20 mm. Folding support I recommend to make for ease of hollow plate consisting of a frame (bruski section 20X40 mm) and veneer (plywood with thickness 3…5 mm).
Locker-drawer in position.
The Cabinet Secretary in working position:
1 — magnetic latch, 2 — shelf, 3, 5 — piano loop, a 4 — top, 6 folding prop.

The top is hung on the Cabinet with the help rojalnoj a loop; this same loop is connected to the folding top bearing. In the closed (off) position, the tabletop is held by the magnetic latch.
The front and inner surface of the structure covered with decorative film (wood).
N. KUZNETSOV, Kaliningrad

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