Gas TANKFor works in chemical laboratory hydrogen is produced usually by the reaction of zinc with hydrochloric acid (HCL). Sometimes you need a small amount of gas, and 1 g of zinc makes about 400 ml of hydrogen, so that, using part of it, the rest have to release into the atmosphere.

However, hydrogen can be stored in a simple tank. For this is the large plastic Bank 7 attached to the stand 8. Poured in a jar of water, the level of which is equal to the height of the bell, which will accumulate gas.
When the bell 6 no gas, it is submerged in water. The gas is introduced under a bell through the rubber tube 3 and another glass put through the tube 2. The bell is made of plastic cans of smaller diameter. Under the pressure of the incoming gas bell rises to a certain level, a limited focusing 5 on the rack 1. When the gasholder is filled with gas, the lower part of the bell should be immersed in water while the rubber tube is clamped with a clothespin.

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