BOAT-FOLDINGPropose the layout diagram of the folding kayak with a rigid hull or a light boat in the yard, It consists of middle main part and two detachable sections — bow and stern, the kayak is still detachable deck (Fig. 1). All items in the Assembly must quickly and hard enough to communicate with each other.

When disassembling the detachable sections are stacked in the middle of the case (Fig. 2) from “hold” removed the wheels, and inside the stacked removable seat. Wheel struts are inserted in the tubes of the brackets for rowlocks.
The housing can be made of plywood or applied to the wall fiberglass epoxy resin, the Dimensions depend on the destination of the boat. Wheels from children’s bicycles. It is desirable to calculate the weight of it so that it could be handled by one man.
Such a boat you can keep at home. Its transportation to the reservoir is not difficult.
Collapsible design may be of interest to those who do not have the ability to keep the boat in a protected water station.
A. INCIN, Kazan

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