CAMPING WITH BABYIt is becoming increasingly popular family vacation: walking, Sunday long walks outside the city with the children.
But because babies tire quickly, and for a long time also do not revile, even if it is dad’s strong hands.
That’s why, I think, will interest many offer the price of KDM universal foldable stroller backpack made by Muscovites and A. L. Erkovich.
How much joy comes to the house with the baby! However, worries and difficulties — too much, and you have young parents, at first, to indulge in many Hobbies. But avid travelers can’t stay at home, and a year later they go camping with the whole family. Of course, the young traveler is not to defeat the far roads own legs, but sitting in a comfortable chair behind the Pope, he will gladly take a walk in the forest, mushrooms, berries and even going the far route. Unfortunately, commercially available backpacks for carrying children are not very comfortable for the child and for an adult, but a folding wheelchair is unsuitable even for short walks on forest trails.
Foldable stroller backpack.
In comparison, manufactured and tested by us in multi-day trips carrying the baby high chair has a number of important tourist advantages: easy to fold (once assembled, it will fit in any backpack, purse) and weighs just 2 kg. On a good road, asphalt child it can be transported, as in a conventional stroller, and Hiking to carry baby on the back or chest. In the latter case over the back empty for a backpack.
The basic elements of a Hiking stroller.
The main elements Hiking strollers:
1 — cloth head restraint, 2 — belts, 3 — canvas seat with a plywood base, 4 — stand, 5 — enhanced traction footboard, 6 waist emphasis, 7 arc stop 8 — shoulder straps.
The basis of design — commercially available foldable stroller for carrying shopping bags (worth 8 50 R. K.). For refitting it in portable highchair pivotally mounted to the upper and lower frame it is necessary to connect the center steel tube. Made of tarpaulin with padded seat bottom and backrest plywood base is worn on the upper frame. Pull the hinged lock of the stroller, which is now a bandwagon, replaced by more durable — also made from steel tubing. Headrest baby canvas is the ring worn by slightly extending up the handle. For ease of carrying from the back side installed at the bottom of a simple stop — metal frame with narrow plywood plate, covered with foam and a tarp. Its rod corresponds to the inner diameter of the tube of the lower frame, so the emphasis, if necessary, easily removed. Shoulder straps from the backpack attached to the base of the stroller. And for additional child safety seat is equipped with seat belts with carabiners.

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