RAIN RAIN!Without summer there is no rain. Sometimes it seems that they are the end-edge is not… So let’s try to figure out how much rain falls every day throughout the summer camp. We will do a very simple device called a rain gauge. Here it is shown in the figure.

Again start with the material and tools. We will need: a ruler, Scriber, shears for cutting metal, hammer, pliers, a file, a drill and a drill bit. Well, as always, a bit of paint. And now for the cause. First, tin (you can take a large tin can) on the drawing it is necessary to cut the billet heads, to bend, as shown, and attach one edge of the double bend sheet metal.
From another piece of metal cut the bracket and preparation for mounting of the measuring vessel. Drilled in all of these blanks in the holes, bend them as shown ka our drawings, and attach to a wooden plank. Bottle can take any. Apply it with oil paint division that will show how much water is placed in its entirety, and put it in the holder under the lake. Left to hang our easy device to open and wait for the first rain.

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