HOOD-INVISIBLEFor many years I am a subscriber of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”. Many find useful for themselves. Some of the ideas I use is from the column “the Club house masters”, and today he decided to offer readers their development.
Everyone knows: when the kitchen is open with gas stove, combustion products or otherwise are distributed throughout the volume of the room.
The most effectively remove harmful substances allow different medical devices. Typically, this use of caps-catchers over the stove, which is made for example from sheet metal. But such a structure does not decorate the kitchen. So I decided to replace the cap on hanging locker, like those we use in the kitchen, but without bottoms.
It is hung right over the plate and has a flap in the visor to increase the area of gas separation. Special limiter locks it in the open position. This locker can be made and customized in size and colour to your kitchen furniture. All materials to make one you can buy in the store.
Fig. 1. Frame.
Fig. 1. Frame:
1 side wall, 2 cover (with the cutout for the gas tube), 3 — pin latch, 4 — clip.
Fig. 2. Flap door-visor.
Fig. 2. Flap door-canopy:
1 facade panel, 2 — area, 3 — side wall, 4 — coupling, 5 — screw.
A fume cupboard consists of two basic parts: body and hinged door visor, connected by a piano hinge appropriate length. The housing is assembled from two plates of size 300Х590Х20 mm and one size 300X415X20 mm connected with screws Ø 4X60. The rear wall of the drawer is missing, as this prevents the gas pipe going to the stove. On one of the walls fasten the clip and the retainer. On the cover from the back side of the installed eyelet made from the same piece of steel strip, and a door.
On the inside of the door screw the two screws of the area to which the screws fasten М4Х10 sidewall, made of D16T sheet and painted in the color of the rest of the furniture. For rigidity of the sidewall are connected by a coupler. Then with the help of piano hinges fasten the door to the box. On the side of the door in-place retainer is installed: it passes then through the bracket on the wall of the housing hood, and “snaps” the spring-loaded pin.
Fig. 3. Retainer.
Fig. 3. Clip.
Locker is hung on the wall above a gas hob so that the distance to the plates was not less than 600 mm.
A. CHERNOV, Brovary

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