Single axle trailer light truck or SUVMy buddy with a passenger all-terrain vehicle UAZ Hunter and a cargo car of the raised passableness, the GAZ-66, popularly known as “shishiga”, has designed and manufactured a single-axle trailer suitable for both machines. Specifications and dimensions of their cars, oddly enough, close, in addition to speed, however, when riding with the trailer speed is still limited. Of course, buddy could buy a ready-made trailer (it probably would have been even cheaper), but it took him not quite normal, what is not for sale.

The highlight of this Transporter was reclining and double folding tailgate, which in this position is a sloped ramp (or ramp), in which the trailer may swing, for example, a snowmobile or ATV (for delivery to the places where the end of the road), conveniently to ship granular or fragmented materials by importing them directly into the body in a wheelbarrow.
Now when the trailer is already tested and successfully operated, can recommend it the design of the distinguished readers of the journal for repetition and provides a fairly detailed drawings of the relevant documentation, therefore a verbal description of the product will be quite concise.
Materials to construct the body of the trailer applied to the most common rectangular tube and sheet metal. Axle with wheels and sub-frame used ready drawbar (tractor trailer truck), although not new, but quite suitable. However, I had to sort out springs and replace the wheel bearings. The rich cut off from the turntable and welded directly to the subframe. The expediency of use of the finished bridge and said that the track of the tractor vehicle and the axle of the truck is almost identical, which is important when riding off-road. Drawbar height of the car (headlights-COP) and the distance to the drawbar of the truck (when horizontal position) from the surface of the road was also about the same. But the sub-frame drawbar and even a bridge can be made of suitable materials – from the thick-walled tube of rectangular or square cross-section (a bridge and round), channel, brand. In addition, these nodes are sold as spare parts.
Trailer with ramp
Trailer with ladder:
1 – wheel (2 PCs); 2 – spring (2pcs); 3 – stretcher; 4 – beam support; 5 – holder drawbar support; 6 – shaft; 7 – body; 8 – casing bead (Art.3, sheet s 1); 9 — the arch of the wing (2 PCs); a pull with a spring ladder (2 set).; 10 – spring draw back the bead (2); 11 – the chain (2); 12 – thrust (St.S, the sheet s6, 2); 13 – tailgate-ladder; 14 – bolt (2 PCs); 15 – rear bearing (2 PCs); 16 – the holder of the back support (2 PCs); 17 coupling ring; 18 – Paul (St.3, sheet s1,5); 19 – the covering of the wing (PT.3. sheet s1. 2); 20 – bridge; 21 – the hook (PT.3, the sheet s3, set).

Body shell
Body shell:
1 – spar bottom piping (pipe 60×40,2); 2 – corner stand (pipe 60×40,4 pieces); 3 – an ordinary front side (tube 40×25,4 pieces); 4 – upper longitudinal side of the connection (pipe 40×25,2); 5 – upper lateral link front side (tube 40×25); 6 – front of front side (tube 40×25, 3 pieces); 7 – crossbar bottom piping (pipe 60x 40, 2); 8 – front support of the floor (area 25×25); 9 – the lateral floor support (area 25×25, 2); 10 – wing console (tube 40×25,4 pieces); 11 wing strut (tube 40×25,4 pieces); 12 – ordinary floor crossmember (tube 40×25,4 pieces); 13 – lower belt for attachment of sheathing Board (25×25 area, 3 PCs.)

Rear axle tractor truck with spring suspension (the
Rear axle tractor truck with spring suspension (the”donor” trailer)
Trailer weight allows you to roll it manually to pick up the car alone, and when operating without brakes.
In the drawing, a common species in three projections shows the design of the cargo of the trailer with dimensions. The rest of the drawings (Assembly and detailed) complement the main components and parts with the necessary cuts and sizes, and indication materials.
The order of manufacture and Assembly
First made frame body. It is made of various pipes of rectangular cross section. So, bottom rail and corner posts from the tube cross – section 60×40 mm, and the rest of the part: intermediate strut, the upper side of connection – of the tube section 40×25 mm. After that, the body shell is mounted on a frame, is exhibited at the place and welded to one another at points of contact details.
You can now proceed to the manufacture of the side-ladder. It consists of two parts: internal (its width corresponds to the width of the body) and external (it is narrower), connected by hinges, by which the knot is formed in one dual rear Board. At the junction of the parts at the edges are mounted support arms, which does not allow expanded Board-the ladder bend under the weight of the cargo during loading.
To manufacture and assemble welded in the appropriate places ears-folding support arms of the drawbar and a pair of such supports in the rear on both sides, does not represent special work: simple nodes.
Sheathing side of the exterior 1-mm steel sheet, and half sheet thicker (b=1.5 mm). Welding lead points by 3 -5 mm with the distance between them is about 100 mm.
Tailgate-ramp (the covering-the floor is not shown):
1 – binding of the inner parts of the side-ladder (tube 40×25, 4 pieces); 2 – crossbar the inner part of the bead (tube 40×25, 4 pieces); 3 – reason for plating from “cutting through” the inner part of the side-ladder (25×25 area); 4 – counterpart of the hinge connection of the inner part of the bead with the rear cross member bottom trim (St.3, 3). 5 – joint connections of the inner and outer parts of the side-ladder (St.3, 2); 6 – binding of the outer part of the bead (tube 40×25,4-piece); 7 – crossmember outer part of the bead (tube 40×25, 4 items); 8 – base for a covering of the “perforation” of the outer side of the ladder (25×25 area); 9 – bearing paw bead-ladder (2 PCs); 10 – bracket legs to the outer part of a Board-gangway (St.3, the sheet s6, 2); 11 – communication support legs (pipe 40×25)

Reference paw (a) and bracket (b) fastening to the side-the ladder
Support paw (a) and bracket (b) fastening to the side-the ladder:
1 – front (CT.3. sheet s6); 2 – base of the heel (CT.3. sheet s3); 3 – cheek (St.3, the sheet s6); 4 – bushing (PT.3. circle 25); 5 – amplifier washer (PT.3, the sheet s6, 2 PCs); 6 – cotter pin

Tailgate-ladder in half-open position
Tailgate-ladder in half-open position
The dissolution of the rear Board in the position of the ladder with pivoted legs; rear legs backed
The unfolded tailgate in the position of the ladder with pivoted legs; rear legs backed
The front end of the drawbar with the ring hitch to the towing vehicle, mounted on a support
The front end of the drawbar with the ring hitch to the towing vehicle, mounted on a support
The curtain (the material
Awning (material “Thesis”):
1 – roof; 2 – lateral; 3 – front; 4-grommet holes (plate, compl.); 5 – arc (pipe 15×2,8); 6 – steel (Ш5) or nylon (Ш10) cable; 7 – Board the body with hooks (environment); 8 – Board-gangway (furnished)

To equip the body latches for the rear side of the ladder is not too difficult – they did the things that are placed on tractor trucks or trucks with drop sides.
Cover the body with primer GF-021, and after drying paint nitroemalyu (preferably in the color of the truck).
To install signal lights and do the wiring to the car-truck. Although the brakes on the trailer no, their signal lights should be connected to the car brake signals.
Stitch and set on a tubular arc durable tarpaulin waterproof frost resistant material “Thesis”.
The exploitation of the finished trailer will ease the work loading on it, and the more – compact machines.
For the legalization of this non-self-propelled vehicles will require a certificate from the local branch of VDOAM on compliance with the requirements of operation, photos of the three views (front, side, rear) and certificate on purchase of materials.
The proposed design can be change and add, and defects to fix.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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