RIVER BOATThis model can successfully build students 4-5 classes. Best to start with the housings. It can be done chiselling from a block of wood or stacked. If the housing is stacked, panel it with plywood with a thickness of 1 mm or thick cardboard that cover nitrovarnish to not soaked in water. The body parts glue nitrocream.

Propeller shaft manufacture of spokes thickness of 1.5—2.0 mm. It is in the tube, the inner diameter of which is several tenths of a millimeter more. The shaft is connected to the motor through the coupling, which can be used vinyl chloride tube with a length of 20 mm or a spring.
Three-blade propeller Ø 25 mm with wheel cut-out sheet. The shaft (axle) wheel — made of wire 3 mm thick. At the end of the stock cut screw thread M3. Gilmorton pipe (it passes the axis of the steering wheel) insert a piece of wood or foam and glue in the aft part of the hull. The add-in can do chiselling of wood or papier-mache. It cut out the Windows and glue them inside a transparent film.
Doors, hatches, pads for cleats manufactured of celluloid or thin plywood. Cleats carved on a lathe. Rails racks be pins with soldered thereto a thin wire or attached thread.
Body parts and wiring diagram
Body parts and wiring diagram
Body parts and wiring
River boat
River boat:
1 — bale strap, 2 — rail, 3 — spotlight 4 — windshield 5 — chair, 6, 10 — bench, 7 — mast 8 — buoy 9 — cleats, 11 — fender, 12 — gelmanova tube, 13 a shaft, 14 bar, 15 — steering, 16 — propeller, 17 — propeller shaft, 18 — clutch (vinyl chloride tube or spring), 19 — a motor, 20 is the base of the motor, 21 — Luke 22 — the anchor, 23 — navigation light (right — green, left— red).
Model paint in the following colors: underwater part — in red or green, freeboard and superstructure — white, deck — brown. Anchoring equipment, bollards, tilting bracket — black.
In the finished model, insert two batteries 3336 L. launch it on the water and check that there is no roll or pitch (tilting the nose or stern). Moving the batteries until normal precipitation boats. If the model is when you run out to the left, the rudder should turn right and Vice versa.
The greatest distance for the competition 10 m

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