INSTEAD OF When you run the motor power on the candle is most often served with a variety of homemade forks, branded clamps or the usual electronic “crocodiles”. In all these cases, a high probability of getting the leads in the plane of rotation of the propeller. If the engine is mounted on a-models, it will not go, neither one of these methods requires the contact pad end type.
It is this clip that we offer. Moreover, it will be able to make even. an aspiring athlete. The basis of the device is retinectomy or textolite hexagon, the three sides of which threads with epoxy primatyvajutsja three petals from the contact group powerful relay. Along the Central axis is drilled a hole for a brass tube with an orifice corresponding to the size of the electrode. The tube also is mounted on the epoxy. A single wire power supply cable is soldered to the tubular contact device, the other closes between three petals. Thus, secure clamp can be easily adapted to a candle and having a cable extending from it along the axis of the cylinder of the engine.
The terminal for supplying voltage to the glow of the candle.
The terminal for supplying voltage to the glow of the candle:
1 — floating cable, 2 — petals from the relay to capture the body of the candle and to feed on the body voltage, 3 — Central tube electrode for applying a voltage to the electrode, 4 — hex-shaped insulating base, 5 — tying thread impregnated with epoxy resin.
G. Gulenko, head of club syt, Bologoe, Kalinin region.

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