SPOTLIGHTS IN THE INTERIORNo matter what the destination nor was the lamp in its package must include the shade or reflector, limiting the dispersion of the luminous flux and directing it to a functionally important area. Hence the increased demand in electronics stores, unusual chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps. And many are taken to make them yourself.

The Romanian magazine “Technium” offers a comprehensive on the potential use of a household lamp giving enough focused light output and at the same time not having a lampshade. These properties are due to the use of relatively new type bulbs — batten. The fact is that when a large enough variant is already performed by lamp-Sofit differs from the usual two main features: a big mushroom bulb shape and printed on the inside of her reflecting or coloring layer. He plays the role of reflector or shade. Based on the light soffit can be made of table, ceiling lamps, floor lamps. And the main unit comprising a housing with a cartridge and a lamp, for all variants the same.
The cartridge uses a standard, better — porcelain, since the high power bulbs (and they are from 60 to 500 W) a possible over-heating it. It is installed on your own nut in a cylindrical body, manufactured of sheet metal with a thickness of 1 mm. For better cooling of the workpiece, it is desirable to perforate, nasverliv or breaking (front side) a few rows of holes. Bend it into a cylinder on a round mandrel, probajte joint, and on both sides of the seam in the middle of the length of the casing — attach the two eyelets under the swivel with the stand. With one of the ends of the casing, attach with rivets or solder a strip of sheet metal— bracket cartridge. It remains to establish the cartridge and screw in a lamp of the lighting unit is ready.
Fig. 1. Sofit — table lamp
Fig. 1. Sofit — table lamp:
1 — reflecting portion of the bulb, 2 — a casing of the cartridge, 3 — stand 4 — podstavka-base, 5 — cord 6 — screw joint, 7 — shank Chuck with nut, 8 — retainer cartridge, 9 — eye hinge.
Fig. 2. Comparative diagram of light scattering of conventional lamps (A) lamp B).
Fig. 2. Comparative diagram of light scattering of ordinary light (A) and batten ,B).
Fig. 3. Solution lamp using a glow-light and upper floor.
Fig. 3. Solution lamp using lamp: top light and outdoor.
Now it can be any lamp, it is sufficient to connect the lugs of the casing suitable stand or bracket. The figures given hints of possible solutions.

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