Until very recently, it seemed to us that to call any publication “material of the year” is simply impossible, especially in the section of modeling. A variety of types and classes makes one or the other article intended only for one certain group of athletes. Therefore, such a high score was simply unqualified for particular solved her issues.
However, this material appeared. Came to the editorial office package. It is the act of technical tests and the accompanying note describing the fuel mixture, the components of which can be purchased at… hardware store.
For people unfamiliar with the hobby and its problems, is understandable: for many years the question of supply modelers the necessary propellants for micro-motors — ethyl ether or especially methyl alcohol — was a byword.
How many were in the edition of the letters about the same content with one question: “I Bought a set-the package and the engine, ready to start the engine to get the desired components for fuel?” What can you say? Recommend to travel to major centres modelistica where the newcomer would issue at least some amount of fuel? But such organizations of technical creativity, where fuel “oceans”, simply no! What to say — the question was painful to the extreme…
But nevertheless beloved by boys and older athletes a kind of technical creativity and sports of decline never experienced. Crook fuel was extracted. And at the same time, how many took away from the modeling that, in General, trifling problem!
Now is still difficult to fully assess the benefits that can bring to modeling this pair of recipes, but what tangible impact will be — there is no doubt!
“The technical Commission, consisting of five people (the instructor, aviation sports, Vice Chairman of city Federation of aeromodelling sport, engineer, aircraft, engineer and patent agent) tested the fuel for engines with glow ignition, proposed N. Golubev and V. by Ivushkina. The tests were carried out on serial Microdrive “rainbow-7”, manufactured in Perm.
Tests showed:
— the engine runs well (in the majority of the test run took less than 1 min, approximately half of the cases the engine was “cold”);
— when you disconnect the power source from the glow plug the engine continues to operate steadily;
— maximum and minimum sustainable speed of the crankshaft with a standard load (propeller 250X150 mm) were in the range 1000-12000 rpm, which fully meets the passport engine for fuel, consisting of 1 part castor oil and 3 parts of ethyl or methyl alcohol;
— the engine runs continuously without jamming up to 10 min;
in the process of testing the engine he had been working for 4 h. Further tests were not conducted as the engine operated passport online.
Engine test were conducted in a wide range of ambient temperatures and humidity (outdoor).
the proposed fuel composition workable; serial engine it runs steadily, without reducing of the main characteristics;
— offered non-toxic fuel is available at retail prices cheaper alcohol;
— recommend fuel to be used in technical sports.
The composition of the fuel I (%):
petrol (grade A-76 and AI-93): 26
acetone: 8
solvent for oil paints (art. KL-095-01-81 or the 205 RSFSR 11.269-80): 53
mineral oil (grade AC-8 or MS): 13
A little about the creation of new fuel and the reasons that prompted us to look for new formulations “of gasoline” for nitro motors.
In the modeling are widely used unpretentious motors type “rainbow” and “meteor”. Their main drawback — a work containing toxic methanol composition. In addition, recommended in the passports of the fuel inaccessible to a wide range of modelers and expensive, based on retail prices for ethanol, which is sold only in remote areas of the country. Castor oil in amounts required for preparation of mixtures, in the pharmacy do not sold.
The disadvantages of methyl (and ethyl) of fuel has led to the fact that boys are forbidden to compete with the glow motors, the stores lie around the mountains in General good engines.
Working in the laboratory of modeling, we set before him the task of finding a composition of available components, allowing to exploit “kaliski” without changing their design. The study of technical literature and similar fuels has allowed to identify more than a dozen of suitable substances and to estimate the possible percentage of fuel in the future.
Further work has been experimental in nature. It has been tested over 50 different formulations. Found mix can be purchased component by component even in rural hardware store, it is ten times cheaper alcohol…”
…Some time passed and we received another interesting letter. It contained answers to the questions that arose after reading the first correspondence, and most importantly — it was reported a new recipe “juice”. I think you will be interested to get acquainted with the continuation of the correspondence.
“The answer to the question about testing engine working volume of 2.5 cm3, about its tendency to overheat as a more heat-stressed compared to mnogochlenami samples.
The results of trial runs of 2.5-Dubovikov positive. Work on the proposed fuel differed only increased smoke. Overheating was not observed, the resource of glow candles similar resource alcohol composition. Test resource of the engine, unfortunately, was not carried out, since the main goal was the improvement of the composition for an aerobatic engine.
We believe that domestic micro-motors in its design in no way inferior to foreign and self-made, it is only necessary to carefully select the components and adjust the timing. After that, the motor can be relied upon, and his life, as a rule, exceeds the passport with a good run and sustainable operation.
Gaining resource the “Rainbow-7” 30% of launches were carried out with oil MS-20, and others in oil AC-8. The results are the same. Given the difficulties of ensuring aviation oil grade MS-20 can be recommended readily available automotive AC-8.
Reported another similar recipe fuel. Compared to the already proposed it has a number of advantages. It’s a smooth adjustment of revolutions of the engine (which is important as only pilots-korovikov, and for all who have a motor equipped with a controlled carb), smoke development less than even the alcohol compounds, the simplified ratio of the components.
The fuel composition II (%):
turpentine: 30
solvent for oil paints (similar to the first composition): 40
acetone: 10
mineral oil AC-8: 20
It should be noted that the research on finding new fuels isn’t finished. Therefore we ask everyone who tested and used in practice of the proposed formulations to inform their opinion.

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