ONE SNAKEAll probably know what a kicksled. Very comfortable design, but it was too heavy and bulky. Once the IIA came up with the idea: is it possible to lighten them and make them leaner? It turned out. For this it is necessary to leave only one snake. As the audit showed, these sledges it is possible to ride even a Threesome.

For odnopolnyh sleds need the following details: the snake from the Finnish sledge, Bicycle handlebar with the bell pipe with an external Ø 25 mm for mounting it on the steering wheel and some tubes Ø 16 mm for struts.
Assembly of snake — with aluminum rivets. Dimensions on your drawing I don’t show — everything was done at the place under my height.
The results of the tests of the sled has exceeded all expectations. They had a great slide and rolled on the road and on the ice, and the path is well managed, the balance on them to hold very easily.
Yuri AZAROV, settlement Vyritsa, Leningrad region

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