WASHING MACHINE FROM A BUCKET...When my second child was born, before us again there is a problem washing diapers, raspashonok and sliders. To wash hands? Long and tedious. Wash in a big washing machine? It is not profitable — either on the consumption of washing powder, nor the consumption of water and electricity… and the time on the big machine that have to spend quite a lot. Of course, you can buy a small, such as “baby” or “Fairy”, but now that the machine, the bucket is difficult to buy.

Speaking of the bucket. Why not make a miniature washing machine yourself, using the ordinary plastic bucket? As it turned out, to make a “odnovremenno” micromachines is not so difficult — I was able to assemble it in just a couple of evenings.

Started with cleaning out my old tape recorder “Yauza” — its tape drive mechanism was a good fit as a power unit for my mini machine. On the chassis of the tape drive I left only the electric motor, the drive from the engine to the flywheel and knob turn on the playback. Wirewound resistor I moved closer to the engine, and the tappet switching speeds are somewhat shortened.

As a tank mini-car I used a regular plastic bucket with a capacity of 9 liters To the chassis of the tape drive this bucket is attached to standard (existing chassis) screws using rubber gaskets. The hole for the shaft of the flywheel is cut on-site to ensure that the clearance between the shaft and the housing bucket is minimized. Opportunities to make a tight sleeve I had, so I had rubber, and around the flywheel screen made of aluminum. In fact, the flywheel drilled six holes, so that the water that leaks from the bucket and hits the flywheel, eventually flows into the tub on which it is installed my machine and not into the motor.
The activator washing machine is made of children’s toys — sieves. On its lateral surface, I made slits and bent them inwards in the form of a sort of blades. During the rotation of this part of the bent ends of the grab water and throw it up. The sieve-the activator is mounted by a pair of screws on the duralumin disk (I used a Vernier drive the device from an old radio), and the one fixed on the flywheel shaft.
The power transformer of the electric motor is installed separately from the washing machine and connected to the motor long cord reliable insulation.
At the top of the bucket is fixed a pipe with a tie on his hose, which is displayed outside the car. It is used in the rinsing of Laundry: the machine is installed on two boards over a bath, a pure water is supplied thereto from the tap and dirty is discharged through the fitting and hose. It is only necessary to adjust the water flow.
Miniature washing machine design by V. Nikolayev.
Miniature washing machine design V. Nikolaev:
1 — hose holder, 2 — drain hose 3 — nozzle, 4 — tank machine (plastic bucket), 5 — electric motor switch (handle start playback tape drive mechanism), 6 — trim for power unit (plastic), 7 — a of motor housing 8 — mounting screws activator, 9 — blades of the activator 10 activator (baby geese), 11 — base activator (Vernier drive the device from an old radio), 12 — plastic veneer, 13, 20 — body (wooden bruski section 30х35 mm) 14 — rubber pad, 15 — seal (grease), 16 — rubber pad 17 — screws fastening of the activator on the shaft of the flywheel 18 is a rubber roller, 19 — nozzle of the motor shaft, 21 screen flywheel (dural band with a height of 7 mm), 22 — position connector-bucket, 23 — panel power unit 24 and the flywheel 25 to the shaft of the flywheel.
Miniature washing machine design V. Nikolaev
Miniature washing machine design V. Nikolaev
The power unit of the machine is closed on all sides plastic panels.
Machine that I bought about a year and very happy with it. Well she washes baby clothes, almost noiseless, the motor will not overheat even after prolonged use. Norma bookmark — one diaper or two or three pairs of sliders.

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