RUSTIC, COMFORTABLEWe continue to acquaint our readers — owners and garden plots — with non-traditional designs of garden furniture, and published in the Polish journal “Prob myself.”

There is probably no such person who would not love a swing. However, if a child is enough of the rope so the piece of Board, for respectable people swing need thoroughly. We offer to your attention the original swings. Equipped with a soft pillow, they are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Even the most respectable members of the family would be happy to use them.
Swings consist of a seat, backrest and two side frames. They are connected by three wooden rods to which are attached the suspension cords.
In the manufacture it is better to use bars and rods of solid wood — beech or oak. They are durable, and have a beautiful texture, especially after a good viskazivaniya to cover them with clear varnish.
Parts of the sidewalls are joined together by screws and epoxy glue. To increase the rigidity of the framework on each set for two reinforcing angle.
Suspension you can run on any reliable rope, but better if it is a nylon cord Ø 6…8 mm. In the upper part it is necessary to provide a sturdy metal rings for fixing the swing on the crossbar and that is quite important to protect the rope from chafing. By the way, hang this chair can not only garden, but also on the veranda or in the gazebo.
Fig. 1. Wheelchair swing.
Fig. 1. Chair swing:
1 — a horizontal element of the sidewall (50X50X700 mm, 4 PCs.), 2 — terminal connection (Ø 25X800 mm, 3 PCs.), 3 — gon reinforcing (4 PCs, 25X100X100 mm), 4, 11 — element vertical sidewall (500Х50Х375 mm, 4 PCs.), 5 — frame element of the backrest (50X50X375 mm, 2 PCs.), 6 — element lattice back and seat (Ø 25X580 mm, 13 PCs.), 7 — element seat frame (50Х50Х675 mm, 2 PCs.) 8 — a guide cord suspension (Ø 25Х100 mm, 2 pieces), 9 — pin (Ø 10X70 mm, 4-piece), 10 — seat retainer (Ø 25X680 mm).
Additional comfort creates a soft cushion. It is made in the form of a conventional mattress: cover — bright durable fabric, gasket — synthetic hay or tow.
There are plenty of tables of different designs, which you can sit with friends, and use them as coffee or subsidiary during the reception. The figure shows another possible variant with two auxiliary wheels, due to which greatly facilitates its movement. Round shape and natural materials is the best fit to the rustic style, giving a colorful look to your dwelling.
The work begins with the manufacture of countertops. This requires six segments of the boards (minimum thickness of 20 mm and a width of 150 mm). Surfaces should be carefully planed and side edges to touch each other without gaps. Spreading the workpiece on a plane, mark out the circumference of Ø 800 mm. Then after filing and edging Board is fixed with screws two cross straps.
Fig. 2. Table (A layout of the countertop B — build countertops, In — Assembly of the braces with the tie, G — installation of struts and ties; the final Assembly).
Fig. 2. Table (A layout of the countertop B — build countertops, In — Assembly of the braces with the tie, G — installation of struts and ties; the final Assembly):
1 — tabletop (Board 25Х150 mm, length: 820 mm — 2 PCs, 770 mm — 2 PCs 600 mm — 2 PCs.), 2 — spreader (25X100X650 mm, 2 pieces), 3 — leg (25X100X470 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — bracing (25Х100Х500 mm, 2 pieces), 5 — axis (Ø 25X500 mm), 6 — wheel (Ø 80X20 mm, 2 pieces), 7 — leg (25Х100Х400 mm, 2 PCs.) 8 — coupling (25Х100Х375 mm).
At the side of the crossbars are attached to the legs of the table on one of the pairs which are wooden wheels mounted on the pivot-axis Ø 25 mm. Rigidity braces attach between the legs and the connecting coupling.

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