OUR ORDOVIKE THE BEST IN THE WORLDRegularly model airplanes-conovici come to the world Championships, to hundreds of athletes to identify the most strong, the most experienced craftsmen. Last year the venue was the Hungarian city of PECs. It was there that he developed air battles in the four most popular classes cord models — aerobatic, speed, racing and fighting. All four classes and in team and individual competition — confidently leading modelers of the USSR team. In the end, the gold medal of the FAI and the title of world Champions respectively, got A. Kolesnikov (Frunze), Kalmykov (Moscow), the crew Barkov — Suraev (Kharkov) and N. Necheukhin (Sverdlovsk).
After the completion of the world Cup, our correspondent V. Rozhkov met with the head of the Soviet delegation, the master of sports of international class A. Nazarov and asked to rasskazat about past competition model airplanes-korovikov.
* * *
World Cup 1986 was a turning point — first of all, because almost the first time Soviet athletes competed in it in full — all four classes of models. And, of course, for the results they could show.
To the credit of the organizers of the competition, managed to organize four start — four kartodromo; at the highest level of their technical equipment.
The first of our athletes came into the fight the best piloting of the country Anatoly Kolesnikov. The result — 2710 points remained to this day unsurpassed. Not lost it leadership and the next day. Gorgeous was a flight Anatolia in the second round, it is the total result of our athlete — 2851 point. Typing in the result, the highest score by A. Kolesnikov is the winner in aerobatic models. Second in this class was the leader of the previous championship Zhang Handong of the people’s Republic of China, third — American P. Werbach. Team Cup in this class was won by the Soviet team, composed of A. Kolesnikova, V. Selenica and S. Klychkov.
Note that assessing the degree of skill of the athlete pilotaggio extremely influenced by subjective factors: judges are people too, and sometimes the international prestige of the athlete affects the rating of flight in more than his art as avtomobilista-pilotaggio. From this perspective, the situation of our athletes will not be called winning — because for many years they were not at official international competitions. Nevertheless, even this circumstance had almost no effect on the result, Anatoly Kolesnikov; and judges and athletes and the audience unanimously recognized: the Soviet athlete — the unsurpassed ACE aerial acrobatics.
The second gold medal Soviet team brought Kalmykov, an engineer from Novosibirsk, who in the class of velocity models. His microplane showed the highest speed of 293 km/h, virtually leaving no chance for victory other athletes. The second result on the world Cup speed 288 km/h is reached the model of the Soviet athlete S. Pichkalev from Novosibirsk. And our third member, A. Kokhanok, took sixth place with a score 281,9 km/h. At the end, and in this class the team Cup was awarded to Soviet athletes.
High achievements of our aviamo-glistov-koretnikov can not but rejoice. And primarily because we have a new generation of athletes with good preparation, with high technical knowledge. Moreover, it became clear that the athletes of the USSR team have significant reserves, for them and better results. In particular, we are talking about a kind of “tandem” Novosibirsk Sportsmen — A. Kalmykova. Pichkaleva. For five years they together foster a model of this class, together design and produce engines together experimenting. Their work is marked by several author’s certificates received by the athletes-the designers behind the invention of engines of small categories. Because all the motors for speed, the Novosibirsk model airplanes — homemade, with crankcase of aluminium alloy EN-4, with aluminum sleeve and the piston. All these engines operate in a wide speed range. By the way, to achieve the highest speed, the athletes had to experiment with resonance tubes of different designs, participate in various competitions at least 15-16 times per season.
At the start of the racing models of leadership are also closely captured by Soviet athletes. In the first round ten-base (100 laps) with the highest score of 21.93 3 min runs with a crew of Fats, S. V. Shevchenko. The following result — 3 min 44,88 — showed the crew of the S. Burtsev, V. Onufrienko. The third result also our sportsmen V. Barkov, V. Suraev. So in the first round, it became clear that the victory will be for the Soviet team.
All three crew successfully flew in the semifinal and reached the final and competed for gold, silver and bronze medals of the world championship. In the end, flying a 20-kilometer base (200 laps) new world record (6 min 50,89), the title of world Champions and gold medal of the FAI received the Kharkiv V. Barkov, V. Suraev. The second place crew With Burtsev V. Onufrienko, third in Zhirova S. V. Shevchenko.
Note that the model of the Soviet racers, made under the scheme “flying wing”, has attracted worldwide attention athletes and experts in the field of modeling. Good flight characteristics, excellent stability and high working speed popeta is about 200 km/h! Our crews have not yet exhausted reserves. First of all they achieve is literally perfect “flying” crew members and further increase of the speed of flight. After all, tomorrow will have to fly ten laps in less than 18 seconds!
High skill showed in the championship sovetskie athletes with “bouzouki”. Six wins in a row won the N. Necheukhin and V. Belyaev. After the seventh round they again emerged victorious, and in the final, having met each other, and competed for the “gold” and “silver”. The victory was unanimously awarded to Sverdlovsk athlete N. Necheukhin, second place in Leningrad Belyaev. Our third-party 0. Doroshenko, took sixth place.
And in this class of models, the Soviet team was the first.
A few words about models for “air combat”. The apparatus of Soviet athletes, admittedly,had a number of advantages. They did well on the evolutions in all phases popeta, was skillfully adapted for the conditions of competition are interchangeable. They are distinguished by a high degree of readiness for “fight”, reliable high-speed engines of his own design. The technique of piloting the Soviet athletes were taller than their opponents, our modelers were able to unravel the plans of rivals, cantacessi competently led “dogfight”.
* * *
The winning relay cordovano took sovetskie athletes at the world Cup on aviamodelling sports in Klasse models, held in Norway. Just like two years ago, they made a double victory became the first in the individual and in komandnom standings. Gold medal of the world Cup 1986 was won by the Kiev V. Fedosov, designer-models Antonov An-28. Silver award — Muscovite V. Bulatnikova, “flying” at miniature aircraft air-1, bronze awarded to Novosibirsk athlete A. Pavlenko, Creator, and “pilot” twin-engine Li-2.

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