Probably not many times I burnt my fingers when soldering resistors, tubular ceramic capacitors and the like in the form of radio parts. Feeling, know, not pleasant, not to mention the effects of the blisters. And I made a good protect your fingers from burns when soldering. It’s Teflon, Teflon or even the rubber block has grooves of various sizes. Use it when soldering the parts is quite simple.

Experience and no burns guaranteed.
Cube of PTFE
Cube of PTFE, Teflon, or even eraser will protect your fingers from burns when soldering electronic components



Don’t throw away your old bulky capacitors KT (500). If inside, insert the reed switch, and the top to wind the coil, you get a small relay. And no worse (and maybe better) РЭС55, РЭС64 or РЭС91.
If instead of a switch to insert the core from SB-9A (thin elastic band), we get a small oscillation circuit: existing capacity plus is wound on top of coil inductance. Benefit — as in the famous shampoo commercial: “two in one”. In addition, the use of high-frequency ferromagnetic core will not only allow to reduce several times the size of the coils, but also to achieve a very high q-switch (Q = 200…300).
On the basis of the old capacitor — though reed relays (a), even though the coil of an oscillatory contour (b)
On the basis of the old capacitor — though reed relays (a), even though the coil of an oscillatory contour (b):
1 — printed circuit Board; 2 — ceramic base (tubular capacitor type CT); 3 — coil; 4 — reed (b — latch); 5 — core SB-9A

When designing radio equipment sometimes there is a need in small chokes of different inductance. As shown, it is possible to make them fairly simple and reliable technology.
To reduce the required number of turns and therefore, lower self-capacitance, such circuit elements, it is recommended to run on magnetodielectric.
As rods are used ferrites the trimmers of the coils of the intermediate frequency used by broadcast radios. Ferrites are cleaned from the plastic threaded tube and provided with end caps with the findings from the thoroughly warmed-up soldering iron resistor MLT-0.25, or, with a larger diameter ferroceramic, MLT-0,5. The caps are attached to the stem with glue BF-2 or “Point”. If necessary, the ends of the rod podrachivala abrasive bar.
Choke improvised
Choke improvised:
1 — cap with the output (resistor); 2 — ferrite (setting core coil PCH); 3 — winding (wire PALSO, diameter and number of turns of the pick up, focusing on the required inductance by using bridges, kumera or voltmeter-ammeter)
For winding of a choke is typically used wire brand PELCO, although to suppress resonance is sometimes used wire with high resistivity. The inductance of the resulting products is determined by the device. In conclusion, the coil is covered with a nitro or varnish.
To obtain the broadband boom it is advisable to consistently connect two or three inductors that are configured on different frequencies.
V. RUBTSOV, Kazakhstan

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