For more than twenty years a reader of “Modeller-designer”. Thanks to the magazine made a lot of operational machinery: mini tractor, tillers, circular saw, trevaresse, welding machine, trailers for walk-behind tractor and car… you name it. Publications appreciate the main idea, and to the nodes and the dimensions are roughly, because they are very dependent on the availability of materials and capabilities.

In response to your appeal, decided to be not only a passive reader but also an author and share your design snips — things needed by any samodelka. My scissors are good that will not deform the metal during the cutting — out sheet is smooth, without creases. The reason—performed non-traditional hinge joint.
Driven dimensions can also be considered indicative, because the design provides for changes depending on the thickness of the cut of metal (in this embodiment, up to 2 mm).
Base shear area is 60×60 mm. Holes drilled in his shelves, provide an opportunity to strengthen the scissors to a workbench or solid Board-foot, which should be longer than the scissors themselves. Thus heads of mounting bolts to perform better wpoty that they will not collide with the edge of the cut sheet. If you need to cut small sheets, scissors you can just clamp in a vise.
Perhaps the main detail of the scissors— bracket hinge Assembly. It is made of two old lathe chisels (they are convenient in that they have side, well milled faces) and spacers, whose thickness must be equal to the sum of the thicknesses of the upper knife and the strip, which is made of pen (size). The fact that the knives I used a piece of iron of a large jointer, so the handle needed additional extension band. If, for example, to take the heat treated and straightened the spring, she will be the knife and handle. Then the size will be equal to its thickness.
Metal shears
Metal shears:
1 — base; 2 — bracket hinge Assembly; 3 — knife top; 4 — knife bottom; 5 — handle; 6 — panel pen.
A comparative diagram of the buckling of sheet metal during cutting and offer regular scissors

Comparative diagram of warping sheet metal when cutting conventional and the proposed scissors.
The glands of the jointer I parasitosis: the angle of the blade changed into more blunt. The knives are mounted so that the cutting lower edge is located flush with the upper plane of the spacer bracket and the upper blade is in a horizontal position was lower than its lower plane. This is necessary in order to make the parts of the cut sheet held one above and the other below the spacer with the divorce only 15 mm, which does not cause their warpage.

Thanks to the special design, this cutter has great potential. For example, the installation of the lower blade, it is possible to make adjustable due to additional mounting holes on the area it is based. In this case, you can easily cut and thicker material (though, warping it slightly increased).
In my version due to the small angle between the blades can be cut not only metal sheets but also of Micarta, textolite, cardboard, rubber and even thin plywood.
the village of Balezino,

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