FISHING — BALLIt would seem that fishing is not water Polo: fish loves the peace and quiet. However, the balls will stand in good stead those who prefer to spend your day off somewhere in the pond with a fishing rod. Especially where the shores are overgrown with reeds and algae: just try to throw a tackle. Even with a ground rod and spinning rod to use here is risky: while you withdraw caught fish, she’s a hundred times will get confused and off the hook.

You will need a boat. Shopping is often cumbersome. Even not all inflatables are placed in a backpack. Where is the exit?
Sometimes the solution to a design come accidentally. About the same happened to me. TV report about the water Polo match suggested that it is possible to use for the construction of the boat ordinary camera, which is inserted in the ball. I decided to try to place several cameras in one case.
Went to work. Purchased 20 cameras, got waterproof material. First sewed it onto the sleeve (see picture) and put him in an inflatable chamber. Both ends connected to not enter into the water. And again the problem: how to remove the camera? Made closer to the inner side of the future boat eyelets for lacing or zippers and closed their valves.
The bottom made from the same waterproof fabric, giving the whole structure the configuration of the boat.
The manufacturer of the hull and the bottom.
Fabrication of the hull and the bottom.
Make the paddle can be from podsachka, both round and triangular. For this unnecessary camera cut, as shown in the figure and pull the Hoop.
To make the paddle can be from podsachka, both round and triangular. For this unnecessary camera cut, as shown in the figure and pull the Hoop.
Already in the first test made sure that this is not enough: the boat under the weight of a person began to take shape through and through, though and kept the water quite tolerable.
And again the solution was found quite by accident. Once before the spring fishing bought two of a three-knee fishing-rods, but when fishing on open bridges first link is not used. What if these unnecessary knee to use as equity struts by inserting the flanges-clamps? Transverse struts, which can always be found on the Assembly, it is also better to install the clips.
A paddle manufactured from the same camera, cutting off approximately one third (see figure) and pulling tight the remaining horned into a solid stick. It was easy and quite comfortable.
Materials: 18–20 soccer cameras, waterproof material (canvas, rubberized fabric, etc.), 4 zippers, 3 cut through thicker bamboo (1.5—2 m). If the fabric lets water through, then the outside of her soaked natural linseed oil.
Note. The figures do not specify the size depend on your height or the intended capacity of the boat. The boat can be built double and triple: the difference is only in the number of cameras, length of equity spacers and square waterproof material. Will increase, of course, and the number of oars.

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