When purchased new telescopic rod and made him some good fishing tours, realized that a fishing rod needs a strong and practical case.
On a shelf in the garage had a large piece of thick waterproof fabric “thesis” from the awning of a body of the car “KAMAZ”. It and decided to use for the manufacture of the cover.

But first, note the layout and dimensions of the rod on scrap plywood that was at hand, sketched a sketch. Capturing the fabric and the plywood to the house, marked up and cut out the fabric according to the sketch defining the locations for fasteners-“Repi” on the inside of the case, and their mates on the outside.


Sewed the zipper and sewed the cover on the old, but very “powerful” sewing machine “singer”. After made a and fitting — “sleeping bag” for the rod was just right.



The case for rods telescopic or folding fishing rod

Case for rods telescopic or folding fishing rod

(A—stitched cover; cover packaged with it by the rod; In—pattern case with clasps):
1 —cover (the material “thesis” from the awning of a truck);
2—return closure-hook-and-loop (2 PCs.);
3—loop (the material “thesis”);
4—handle cover (the material “thesis”);
5—clasp-hook-and-loop (2 PCs.);
7 — reel fishing rods

Later made two more such case for the other rod, not telescoping, and folding. New and previously stitched cover still supplied handles (about the center of gravity ) and loops at the top for hanging on a nail in the wall for storage. When traveling on a fishing trip on a Bicycle case with a fishing rod tied to the frame.

Transporting fishing rods in covers not only the “cultured”, but more practical — no risk of damage when probirani to the water through the bushes, and when storing and glands in the garage.


A. TRENEV, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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