TENT STYLE I was lucky in my youth – got into the stream the student of camp life.
On the wave of rapid development among teachers mountain sport trips in our Kurgan machine-building Institute among students have formed groups more accessible pedestrian-“the plains” of tourism.
Within these new groups, which turned out to be and I bubbled its predpechatnaya social life. Everyone found a job interests and abilities. The head of the planned route. The caretaker was a list of products and estimated their cost. Sports organizer spent training and hikes of the day off. The girls wrote songs and was decorated by Gen. And I am a fan of tinkering, came up with a design: tents, windjackets, backpacks & bags camping equipment. Sewed them myself, and attracted to the work of other group members.

In those days (early 1980’s), in addition to the tents “amikam” and “soldiers'”, appeared on frame tents of the “van” type. Such options of tents for their increased interior volume and a simplified installation method is especially prized among fans as usual hikes and “climbers”.

But to buy this camping tent in those days was not easy – very rarely they were on sale! But to purchase canvas fabric in color “khaki” for the bottom and even thin nylon material on the walls and the roof was not a big problem. Therefore, the tent they made themselves.


“Van-1” was designed and stitched as a gift for the birthday friend Nicholas. He was a single man and a great lover of nature. Almost all the summer long dwelt in the tent: in the apiary, on the river, Hiking in the Ural mountains.

Double tent

Double tent “Van-1”:

1 — the bottom (waterproof fabric tarpaulin);

2 — rear wall (waterproof nylon material).

3 — the front wall (waterproof nylon material).

4 — side panel (waterproof nylon material, 2 PCs.);

5 — roof (waterproof nylon material).

6 — window (nylon chicken wire);
7 — front lock “lightning”;
8 — rear frame element;
9 — the guy with the branches (nylon cord, 2 PCs.);
10 — place under the peg (2 PCs)


Option “Van-2” – heavier than the first model, which is not very good: after all, in campaigns, in the words of A. V. Suvorov, even the needle has a weight! But it is easier to manufacture.

Double tent

Double tent “Van-2”:

1 — the bottom (waterproof fabric tarpaulin);

2 — front wall with window (waterproof nylon material).

3 — rear wall (waterproof nylon material).

4 — roof (waterproof nylon material).

5 — nylon zipper with large teeth;

6 — a frame element (2 PCs.);

7 — peg (2 PCs.);

8 — the guy with the branches (nylon cord)

Main parts: the bottom, front wall, back wall, roof with sidewalls and a tubular arc (items) frame.

The material of tents – thin nylon walls tight and waterproof tarpaulin on the bottom.

The procedure of manufacture:

  • to find all the details;
  • sew the bottom;
  • to sew the lock to the front wall;
  • to sew the mesh window in the back wall;
  • sew the bottom to the side walls, and the side walls to the roof;
  • sew the front and back wall to the side walls and the roof, putting in a suture loop for the tubes of the frame and cords of braces.

The pegs in the campaign can be replaced with pebbles.

Light weight, easy installation and a plastic Cape was created for the relative comfort of camp life.

The area of the bottom dimensions in mm 1200×2000 designed for spacious existence alone or in a cozy cramped for two people.

The frame element

Frame element:

1 — front (dural tube d16x2, 2);
2 — arc (dural tube d16x2, 2);
3 — insert (made of anodized aluminum, round 14, 3).

4 — rivet (aluminum, d3, 5 PCs.);

5 — cone tip (made of anodized aluminum, round 14, 2 PC.)

Vestibule for clothes and shoes in this case were located under plastic wrap.

Having primary drawing – everyone can tweak the dimensions for your height and shoulder width.

The efficiency of the structure guaranteed by the fact that she came from a poor student, and practicality checked still nomadic Gypsies.

Upon graduation, young professionals of tourism, sport and recreation “delivered” in different cities of the USSR.

There are no problems with the materials, hardware and sewing machines. Therefore, people with skillful hands, I advise you to complete your makeshift tent for themselves. Is the reason to be proud of it in front of friends and remember her life.

A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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