COLOR DURALUMIN PANELSAny front panel aluminum alloy easy to decorative treatment. For example, after drilling holes in them you can first put these parts can be anodized, and then painted. Both processes require no special equipment and can easily be made at home.

A small panel anodize in a glass cuvette. It pour distilled water and add 200 ml of technical sulfuric acid for every 800 ml of water. The panel is clamped with the ends of the U-shaped brackets and dipped into the electrolyte. Above it, on hangers, a dural plate-electrode (this may be the second antirhea panel).


Brackets and pendants are made of duralumin. The flexible insulated wires to the plate down from the step-down transformer AC voltage of 12 V.

Be aware that the aluminum goes on sale plated (a thin layer of aluminium on the surface) and salaciously. Panel from clad aluminum anodize at a current density of 1.5 A/DM2 and is kept in the bath for 15 minutes. Panel of replacerange of aluminum anodize at a current density of 2.5 A/DM2 and is kept in the bath for 25 minutes. Before anodizing, the panel should be well degreased with acetone or gasoline, rinsed in a solution of detergent and then in distilled water.


Color anodized panel is a normal aniline dye, intended for the treatment of wool fabric. Prepare the solution should have a temperature of 75 – 80°C and contain per liter of water 10 g of the dye and 0.5 ml of acetic acid.

The exposure time from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on desired intensity of color. Color needs to be consolidated. This panel allowed to stand for about one minute in boiling distilled water. For surface protection against mechanical damage (scratches) panel useful to cover the colorless furniture varnish NC-228.


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