Recently an increased interest among readers judging by the letters and calls to the editor, raise questions related to the bench scale models. It is caused, apparently, the increasing penetration of imported models to the Russian market. Hence the request to the editor: to tell you about a common, global scale bench models.

Let’s start with aviation. The most widely known and also the most common in the world scale 1:72. In this scale model aircraft produce most of the enterprises and cooperatives of the CIS countries. Scale 1:144 on the West are usually models available heavy multi-engine aircraft, for example, long-range bombers during the second world war or modern passenger. An exception is the REVELL firm, which manufactures in this scale, and fighter jets. Lately gaining ground scale 1:48. At this scale produce models of aircraft are such famous companies as AIRFIX, HASEGAWA, ITALERI, MONOGRAM and others. Much rarer scale 1:32. Aircraft models in this scale can be counted on the fingers. They are very expensive and require a very high level of training of the Modeler, since the number of parts in this model approaches a few hundred. Sometimes there are very “non-standard” scale 1:20, 1:28, 1:40, 1:96, 1: 100. But the aircraft models in this scale — units.
For models of armored vehicles, the scale is 1:35 and 1:76. They produced the vast majority of models. Much less common are 1:48 and 1:25. The latter is generally considered the scale of the extra class. Any Modeler clear what amount of detail, down to the smallest, you can run at this scale. Suffice it to say that the team model of the tank “Tiger” of the Japanese firm TAMIYA, made in this scale, caterpillar is collected from the individual tracks!
In a number of Western firms in recent years there has been a trend to produce models of armored vehicles in the “aviation” scale 1:72.
In the shallow end for armored vehicles 1:87 scale has only a few firms. However, among them are such famous companies as ROSO and TRIDENT.
Spectrum “automotive” scale much more: 1:12, 1:20, 1:24, 1:25, 1:32, 1:87. It should be noted that we are talking about scale model kits of the cars (except 1:87). Known scale 1:43 — collectible; scale assembled model-copies are not produced. The number of scale models of motorcycles are limited to two: 1:8 and 1:12.
The most common “ship” scope— 1:700, 1:600, 1:400, 1:350. However, with regard to the ships, to speak here about some kind of system the hardest. Very much depends on the size of the ship prototype and whim of the company. For example, the firm REVELL releases a squadron of Columbus in scale 1:90, the clipper “Cutty Sark” — 1:96, German submarine during the second world war 1:144, and the Soviet aircraft carrier “Varyag” (by the way, it’s not finished yet) in scale 1:720. French firm HELLER produces the same “Cutty Sark” in scale 1:130.
In General our modelers need to consider that any international standards for scale models exist.

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