FINE ADJUSTMENTFifty meters distance, but still ten before entering the starting line — the distance the self-propelled sudomodel must pass like a ruler. The slightest error in the adjustment would lead her away from the cherished two-meter finish. Beginners usually try to make my models go straight, bending the rear portion of the keel plate. Imagine how difficult it is to “guess” the right position, and carousing out of place the wind can get back to work pliers. You can easily and quickly get the desired result using one of the simplest devices fixing the turning of the steering wheel.

Option A is the most simple. The end of the rudder stock tapered, the bottom side of the “tiller” filing to obtain a wedge-shaped face. Smontirovat bottom plate with small teeth or just a piece of needle files, you can through the hatch in the deck to adjust the installation angle of the steering wheel.
If you want to get rid of the need each time to open the hatch, use option B. Here, the adjustment is by rotation of the screw in the bracket. It holds the screw groove machined in the neck from axial displacement. For the approach to the screw head make Board model hole under the screwdriver or output screw on the outside.
In the same figure shows another way of fixing the rudder using ribs formed by soldering thin wire to the lower part of the “tiller”.

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