THE CATERPILLAR OF THE ELECTRIC WIREOne of the most critical components of the machines crawler — tanks, all-terrain vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tractors, trucks is the suspension, particularly caterpillars. Their tapes, as you know, is assembled from separate parts — the tracks connected by fingers. Each track has a grooved surface — lugs deliver reliable traction. On the side of the track facing the rollers, is guide comb, preventing a descent of rollers with treadmill tracks the motion of the model, especially during turns.

In the “Modeller-designer” was published proposals to produce crawler tracks, for example, by the method of precision casting of steel, silumin, plastic and even carve wood. However, all these methods are complex, time consuming and require special equipment.
Offer a simple option is making tracks for moving models. In the school’s circle of young technicians, or at home with the availability of a simple plumbing tools can make them out… electric wire.
The tape tracks (see Fig.) consists of couplings, mounting pads, the fingers and guide combs. The support pillow is formed by two parallel running tracks on which roll rollers. For leveling the surface of the tracks are rubber or plastic plates of appropriate thickness. Extreme clutch stick to the fingers to prevent the shift elements of the caterpillar. Guide comb can be installed on the secondary clutch or at least that allows for both double disc and single disc rollers.
Primatyvajutsja caterpillars with the toothed wheel or roller. In the first case, the teeth enter the hollows between the couplings and the second rollers come into engagement with the guide ridges. The bending of the tracks on the guide and drive wheels is provided by rotation of the mounting pads on the parallel fingers. To facilitate rotation of the mounting pads, the axial clearance between their ends and the ends of the couplings shall have a 0.3—0.5 mm. On a support pillow caterpillar models made in scale 1 : 20, 1 : 15, a special installation of the cleats is optional.
General view of the parts of the trucks and their assemblies
General view of the parts of the trucks and their assemblies
General view of the parts of the trucks and their Assembly:
1 — coupling, 2 — panel, 3 — support pillow (half truck) 4 — blank for truck, 5 — line cut of the workpiece, 6 — guide comb, 7 — fingers 8 — rod couplings, 9 — line cut of the workpiece.

The procedure of manufacturing. Household electrical wire twisted pair with copper or aluminum wire in PVC insulation brand PPV 2X2,5 pre-cut into pieces with a length of 300-400 mm. the Wire is removed and the workpiece is cut by the knife elements with a width of B1 and B2.
From a wire cut connection fingers. Their length should be 1-2 mm greater than the total width of the caterpillar. Guide comb — sheet sheet thickness 0.3—0.4 mm. of the coupling, guide comb and plate are put on glue BF-2.
The most important operation in the manufacture of treads of wire insulation — cutting of workpieces. The Assembly of the tracks is simple.
For the model tank in 1 : 20 scale can be proposed elements of the caterpillar of the following dimensions, in mm:
b, b1, b2 — track width, track and coupling, respectively; l and l1 is the length of the track and coupling, respectively; l1 and l2 — distance between centers of openings of the coupler and truck.
Arrows show the scheme of Assembly of the chain tracks.

Yu ALISOVA, engineer

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