CLASS “A-3” the mass is, the skill will be!

CLASS This is one of the most heavy and high-speed models. It belongs to the class “A-3” according to the Rules NAVIGA. The model consists of the following main components: hull, floats, motor (10 cm3! with shaft, propeller and fuel tank. Hull and floats are made from a light and soft wood, preferably balsa.

After careful processing with a file and sandpaper them with putty and paint. Then attach the bracket and the engine. Two-bladed screw, it is desirable to give the following dimensions: hub Ø 10-11 mm step screw 170-190 mm, screw Ø 60-70 mm, diameter 9-10 mm, blade width — 18 mm. the Material for the hub is the steel grade of St.3 or St.45. The blades can be made from bronze, brass, steel with a thickness of 2 mm.
The champion of the Soviet Union on this class of models in 1973 became the athlete from Volgograd Yuri Fedorov. His model has a top speed 159,29 km/h.
Let’s start with numbers. 55 participants, 10 groups. This is probably the main thing that can give an idea of the Moscow city competition models of the sleigh, which was held at the end of December for the prize of the magazine “modelist-Konstruktor”. Of course, and participants and teams could be much more if pre-selection is not allowed to include in the composition of the teams most prepared, the most promising young athletes.
But the current composition — in its quantitative expression can cause the feeling of satisfaction. Just a year ago in a similar competition started only 26 participants, and the results achieved during sea trials, was lower.
I remember the first timid steps of the modeling performed with models with a propeller (or, as they were called, cars), in 1968. Then just loomed the prospect of this kind of automodelisme, and not quite clear was a place that such models will occupy a total draw of the competition. But even then, one thing was clear; automobilism has become a year-round sport. In automodelisme there is such a class of models, which opens a wide scope for experiment and at the same time will allow you to attach to the class nm large groups of guys.
In fact, what the aircar (the sleigh, the model with a propeller), not as a great learning tool guys working with internal combustion engines work, which will help them in designing more complex models or racing. Plus basic knowledge of aerodynamics. Plus the first skill with the tool. In fact, in many circles with the appearance of a sleigh abandoned the hopeless rezinomotornaya models n from the first months of training teach guys “serious” automodelismo.
With the introduction of the gradation patterns of the sleigh in four classes (race of 1.5 cm3 and 2.5 cm3, and copies of the same categories), there was one plus: the first steps guys in sports give an opportunity identified as “riders” or “copysign”. (Heads of circles know how much different these guys are by nature, by the very approach to modeling.)
In short, the construction of models of sleigh — initial, but quite “real” step in mastering the heights of self-mastery.
That’s why for us it was especially interesting to observe the performances of the Moscow avtomodelistov, to watch the starts of the youngest shoots of the defenders of the sports colors of the capital, which in the near future will return to Moscow automodelismo the place it deserves.
And this is what came out of these competitions. Heads of clubs, coaches for the short time that has passed since the beginning of regular classes of self-similar groups and laboratories, have managed to achieve mass interest to this exciting military-technical sport. Let not all things were young modelers, let speed, racing and showing their copies were not as great as I would like, but feel that these guys are most properly suited to the choice of designs of the sleigh, and to work on the engines. Could not fail to attract attention and another important detail: the high quality of the presented at the competition copies. It is significant that it was not only the model built in the center of the city automodelismo — Moscow city sports and technical club self-similar, but in the Homes of young technicians, and, most importantly, in circles at the housing maintenance offices. Incidentally, competitions rightfully belonged to the young athletes of a house management № 10 ZHKO Kiev district of Moscow. These guys, and was awarded the main prize of competitions — the prize of the magazine “modelist-Konstruktor”. In second place — the House of young technicians “Seagull” the third DYUT Gorbunov. We can not say a few words about those who trained children to these performances, experienced modelers, the masters of sports A. P. Sukhanov, V. F. Pankow, and M. S. Osipov. It is through their efforts again revived automodelismo in Moscow.
R. OGARKOV, judge of Republican category.

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