THE GLIDER A-1After nearly a decade, resumed the holding of the all-Union sorevnovanii model airplanes-students. They will vystupat in teams of young men with models of three new classes: glider A-1, rezinomotornaya In-1 contour cord model-copy aircraft. Competitions will be held in Odessa from 4th to 10th August 1977.


Glider A-1: area of bearing surfaces 17-19 of DM2, the minimum weight is 220 grams, length of rail not more than 50 m.
Rezinomotornaya model airplane In 1: midleware square cross-section at least 20 cm2, the maximum rubber motor weight of 20 g, the minimum flight weight 100 g
Contour cord model-copy aircraft: maximum engine capacity — 2.5 cm3, a model may have a contour (not volume) of the fuselage.
Today we publish the drawings and description of a simple model of the airframe A-1.
The FUSELAGE. The bow part is made from lime plate 10 mm thick with cutouts for ballast. The tail — stacked design: the upper third of the lower plate of grained pine, four formers from balsa. The sides are covered with balsa plates, and in the bow — plywood with a thickness of 1 mm. keel, embedded in the fuselage — balsa plate. Hook-towing — wire OVS Ø 2 mm, glued on the epoxy resin. The demon of the fuselage 151 g
WING — set of two halves. Every 16 primary ribs — balsa and four root — plywood with a thickness of 1 mm. they drilled holes Ø2 mm for the pins. The corner rib of the fake veneer. The front edge of the pine rail section 4×4 mm. the Frontal portion of the wing to the width of 10 mm sewn with balsa. The spars cross-section 4×2 mm, made of pine. Trailing edge balsa plate, the cutouts of the ribs is made with a scalpel.
The profiles of the wing and stabilizer are given in natural size.
Profiles of the wing and stabilizer.

Wing covered macalintal paper, four times covered with Amalita. Weight 58 g.
STABILIZER — PLANO-convex profile with a relative thickness of 9%. Ribs and edges are made of balsa, spars — Linden. The weight of the stabilizer 12 in
The pins for joining the wing — wire, EIA, front, Ø 2.6 mm, rear Ø 2 mm, hardened.
All up weight is 221 g.
V. ROZHKOV, master of sports of the USSR

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