Model aircraft with electric motors are interesting because they can be used for entertaining evenings of technique, theme camps and even in physics classes to demonstrate the lifting force of the wing. Of course, they can be the competition. The model is attractive because it is “weatherproof” — “universal” because it can run both in summer and winter, and in summer camp and in school.

In issue No. 12 of 1975 in the article “Electrician” on a rope”, we were told about such a model. Was published the drawings and description. It was the engine type “Pico” from a toy electric locomotive (manufacture of Germany). It was built in the Leningrad Palace of pioneers under the direction of master of sports A. Erler.
This publication aroused the interest of readers and numerous letters, in which they talk about their designs, made with domestic motors. Here is one of them.
Model airplanes Kirov regional station of young technicians long engaged in the construction of models with electric motors. In 1970, the regional exhibition was shown the model up from the foam with the engine Д2РТ. The power of the motor was produced from the rectifier via sliding contacts. To really build a flying model was not possible due to the lack of enough light and powerful electric motors.
And here in 1975 at the Kirov shop “Young technician” has delivered a compact and fairly lightweight motors DC-5-19 3.5 In, 0.2 A. during the winter holidays, the guys have built several models, one even twin-engine, designer, which was a student of the 8th class, member of the aeromodelling circle Mikhail Ignatov. The model is flown in the hall on a rope length of 5 m, and even the chairs are not required to remove, as the rise was happening from the stage with a width of 3 m. There was produced to the fit of the model.
We offer our readers the most tenacious and very simple to manufacture the model. It was built by a student of 9th class of Vladimir Yakimov. It is stable in flight, can fly up and off the floor, and when you run with it. The guys called it “Kirovchane” — in honor of our city.
For making models you will need the following materials: bamboo 1.5 X 2 mm (edge), 1 X 1 mm (rib, wing and struts), 1.5 X 1.5 mm (longitudinal), 1X3 mm (front wheel) pine reechkoy 4 X 2 mm (fuselage), straw Ø 1.8 mm (rod helm), Ø 1.5 mm (stabilizer and fin), celluloid sheet 0.8 mm (rocking), wire Ø 0.25 mm (hinge the rudder and hook-and-thrust), lime bar 130 X 15 X 7 mm (air screw), plywood thickness of 3 mm (control knob), clay AGO or whatever, condenser paper covering, the motor DK-5-19. Wire cord, PELCO or PBBs Ø 0,12÷0,15 mm. Wire can be of a different diameter, if only he kept the model.
The propeller is tightly fitted on the motor shaft. So he is not frustrated, it can be zastupovat. To do this, through the propeller hub and shaft need to drill a hole of Ø 0.3 mm and insert the pin from the wire.
For installation of the engine it is most convenient to use packing plastic box. It should cut a ring and attach it to the toe of the fuselage flush with the front edge of the wing.
This design allows you to move the engine and change the alignment of the model. Power to the motor is supplied by Kardam, which is connected to the control handle. The batteries from a pocket flashlight runs out of power pretty quickly, more convenient to use the battery that the cover is on the belt of the modeller. From the battery via the soft multi-strand wire electricity is supplied to the control handle and then goes to the cords. In an extreme case, to power the motor and can be rectifier, but it is inconvenient because the cord will macrochelate, and in addition, to restrict the freedom of movement of the Modeler.
So the model wouldn’t fall inside the circle, especially when flying at low speed, we most cord models the outer part of the wing do anyway, that is the left side console is 2/3 scale. Flight is counterclockwise.
Although models made of straw work much easier and their performance better, but they are low-strength. In our opinion, the straw to work harder, she is not glued and is very fragile. Same pine slats and especially the bamboo stronger. Therefore, building a model, you will receive great satisfaction from its operations and acquire good skills in the manufacture of indoor models.
A. SEVERYUKHIN, head of the aircraft modeling lab obrzut, Kirov

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